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Web Design \ JUN 11th 2014

Designing a Website for 2014: Is Your Website Up to Par?

Creating a website with Wix isn’t just about looking great; it’s about making sure that your site is easy to explore and accessible for your users. Our one-stop DIY web publishing platform already starts you off with the stunning customizable template of your choice, but if you really want to take your website to the next level, we suggest that you match it up with the hottest web design trends and modern usability guidelines to make sure that your site is both easy on the eyes and your user’s experience.

Check out these easy to follow guidelines to take your website from amateur to extraordinary by making it 100% compatible with contemporary principles and modern web trends.

Designing a Website for 2014: Is your Website Up to Par?

1. Navigation: Does your Site Layout Make Sense?

A crucial feature for any website that wishes to play in the major leagues is simple and straightforward navigation. Site visitors will not spend precious time on understanding how to get from one page to another. It’s your task as website owner to make this process is as smooth as possible for them. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Make your navigation menu clearly visible. Use a color scheme that highlights the menu and distinguishes it from the rest of the page.

Navigation: Does your Site Make Sense

  • Make sure that your menu colors make it easy to understand which page the visitor is currently viewing. You can do this by setting up your menu’s Advanced Style settings in the Wix Editor.
  • Link your logo to the site’s homepage. This has become a navigation standard, and most internet users will expect to see this function on your site too.

Mobile: Is your Website Responsive

  • If you use sub-pages, make sure you add a drop-down menu that will allow visitors to get to these pages directly.
  • Always have the Home button at the left end of the menu (for languages written right-to-left, place the Home button on the right end of the menu).

2. Mobile: Can Your Site be Accessed from Anywhere?

This is a no brainer; your website needs to be friendly for mobile browsing. A survey conducted at the beginning of 2014 predicted that during this year, about half of mobile device owners all over the world will use their devices regularly to surf the web, and numbers are even higher in countries with an established web culture (like the US, Europe and the vibrant Asian market).

Going mobile is such a must-have for your site because it’s just so easy and accessible nowadays. The Wix mobile editor allows you to optimize your website for mobile viewing with a few simple clicks. You get to keep the original look and feel of your full site, but with the layout of a website that is specifically designed for mobile usage.

Mobile: Is your Website Responsive

3. Visual Language: Is Your Website Consistent?

Some of the hottest web design trends for the moment include- flat design, endless scrolling, fixed headers, & elaborate icon usage  – to name just a few. Regardless of the style or trend that you want to adopt for your website design, one thing that is absolutely critical is that you stick to one consistent look.

Designing one page according to the principles of minimal web design, having another page filled with dynamic image galleries and animations and yet another page focusing primarily on typography might not only get you in trouble with the guild of web design purists, it will probably leave your site visitors confused.

Once you decide on the visual language you want to display on your website, we suggest that you do some research and browse through other websites that share this style. You’ll notice how they adapt the same style to different pages that present different types of content. This is what you should aspire to as well – a consistent and striking visual experience.

Visual Language: Is your Website Consistent

4. Features: Does Your Site Offer All That it Can?

While you don’t want to burden your websites with too many features and functionalities just for the sake of having them there, it is important that you provide site visitors with helpful tools that can improve their experience on your website.   Consider, for instance, the following tools:

  • A search box to allows visitors to search through your website.
  • Anchor links that provide an easier browsing experience.

Features: Does your Site Offer All it Can Offer?

Features: Does your Site Offer All it Can Offer?

  • Zoom in on products for a closer view on your online shop.

Not all of these features may be relevant for your website, but the point is that you should always think about new directions to improve your site.  Keep up to date on all of the new features that Wix has to offer by following Wix on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure you visit & subscribe to the Wix Blog for a never ending stream of inspiration and tips.

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