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Web Design \ JUN 10th 2014

5 Best Hidden Treasures of the Wix Editor

Think you know your way around the Wix editor? Allow us to introduce a bunch of first-class features that are often left overlooked. Although they go beyond the basic elements that make for a good website, these features and functionalities are bound to make your Wix website even more gorgeous, user-friendly and impressive.

Wix is proud to offer users of all levels the opportunity to create beautiful and professional websites. The Wix editor is especially programmed to match the needs of both beginners and experienced webmasters. The advanced features listed below are not mandatory, but they sure can make your design process easier or improve your website’s general performance.

Time to play web pirates! Let’s go on a treasure hunt in the ocean of Wix.

5 Best Hidden Treasures of the Wix Editor

Site History – The Life Saving Tool

How many times did you wish you could return to an earlier version of your website and bring back to life a page that you deleted, or a design that you decided against? The Site History feature is the perfect tool for the job! It saves earlier editions you saved of your site and keeps them accessible to you at all times. Learn how to view your site history here.

Site History

HEX Value Finder – The Color Whisperer

HEX values are 6-digit codes that form the “DNA” of a certain color in a design palette. Each color is defined by the amount of red, green and blue that is present in it. The HEX value is a combination of these three values. In web design, knowing the HEX value is especially helpful when you want to duplicate a certain color from one place to another. In that case, you can use the HEX Value Finder in the editor, take a sample of the color you wish to duplicate and you get the exact value right there and then. Learn how to measure HEX values here.

HEX Value Finder

Image Alt Text – The Optimizer

Search engines are really smart. They don’t only read the texts on your website to be able to rank you in their search results, they can even read the images. If you provide them with the right information, that is. Image Alt Text is like meta titles for images. You use them like normal titles to describe the images, the only difference is that they are principally intended to be read by search engines. In short, adding Alt Text to your site images can significantly improve your SEO ranking, increasing in turn your traffic from search results. Learn how to use Alt Text here.

Image Alt Text

Customized “Add to Cart” Text – The Friendly Shop Keeper

An online shop should strive to give a pleasant and personalized shopping experience – just like a brick and mortar shop would. Wix online shops come with heaps of features that are meant to provide this experience, and one of them is customized buttons that confirm the “Add to Cart” action. If you activate this feature, you can control the message that your shoppers see when they have successfully added something to their cart. So instead of “Checkout” or “Continue Shopping”, you can greet them with:  “Great choice. Need anything else?” or “Pay up, buddy!”, or anything that works well with your brand language. Learn how to customize the cart message here.

Customized Add to Cart

Snap-to-Object – The Alignment Master

Symmetry and accuracy are so important in web design. If you think people don’t notice the fine details, you’d be surprised to know that attention to the small bits can really influence the impression visitors have of your site. That’s why Snap-to-Object is such an awesome tool on the Wix editor. Activating this tool adds smart alignment lines and rulers that guide you in the correct placement of elements. Learn how to use Snap-to-Object here.


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