New Wix Feature: Animations!

New Wix Feature: Animations!

Over the past few months our developers have been putting in tons of extra hours, all for the sole purpose of creating more amazing features for our users. Ladies and gentlemen, are you sitting down? We’ve created 100 new features in 100 days – a new (and insane) record. There are so many to gush about, but we felt that this one deserved it’s very own post. You can now make your Wix site come alive by adding animated effects to almost any element. Buckle up, your websites are about to get animated and that much more awesome.

New Wix Feature: Animations!

Looking to create a new website? Our newest website templates now include animated elements – a perfect place to start.

Why it’s so cool

Some people may ask themselves: “Do I need this? My Wix site is already amazing!” While this may be true, the beauty of having your website hosted by Wix means that you can update anything, at any time. Keeping your site up to date means not only updating news and info, but also keeping it fresh with fun and interactive new features. Eye-catching animations can really bring your site to life and impress new and returning site visitors alike.

New Wix Feature: Animations!

How to add animations to your own site

This is our favorite part: the how-to is so easy.

First steps:

  • from inside the editor, click on the element you want to animate to select it

  • from the pop-up menu, click Add Animation

How to add animations to your own site

  • select an Animation style

  • under Animation Settings, edit the Duration and Delay settings for complete control

How to add animations to your own site

Note: If you would like the animation to only run when the element is first loaded, check the box next to Animate element on first loading only in the Add Animation settings window.

To see your new animations in effect, click on Preview mode on the top right of the editor. Once you’re done editing, make sure to click Save and Publish to see the changes go live.

Pro design tips

This feature can give your click-rates a nice healthy boost. If you’ve got an online shop for example, try animating your “buy now” buttons (or equivalent) and watch as your customers start clicking away. Having an interactive button can really engage your site visitors and just might entice them that much more to make a purchase. We suggest adding this feature to some of the more important buttons on your site. Afterwards, keep an eye on your sales – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the numbers.


A word to the wise: Don’t go overboard. This feature is so cool that it’s easy to get carried away and add it to too many elements on your site. Try your best to be mindful that if everything on your website is animated, the overall effect won’t be as potent. We suggest implementing the changes on your site and using the Get Feedback feature to ask some honest friends and family members what they think.

Check out this video to see just how easy and stunning it is:

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