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Web Design \ MAY 22nd 2014

Meet Wix Expert Web Designer Karen Lerman

Ever wish you could turn to a professional web designer for some insights about your Wix site? Karen Lerman is a power Wix user with many Wix websites under her belt. She’s one of the talented web designers who are part of our  Wix Arena; an online marketplace that connects people who are looking for a professional designer to help build their website.  Karen was happy to share with us some fabulous web design tips, as well as her passions and insights about the creative process.

keren Lerman on the Wix Arena

What’s the first step you take when creating a website?
My first step is talking to the client and asking them to send me 5 sites that they like and discuss what they like about them. My job as a designer is to merge aesthetics and functionality in order to create something that not only looks good, but that fits their professional goals. With every site I make, I always leave room to grow and change so that clients can easily updated their site as their business does.

Do you have a favorite design trend of the season?
I don’t know if its seasonal – but I love Black and White with POPS of color. Fresh, clean and easy to navigate.

Ariel Borujow Wix Website designed by Karen Lerman

Where do you find your design inspiration from?
I always keep an eye on what’s happening in the fashion and interior design world. I love clean and simplistic design with interesting accents. It could be pops of color, as mentioned above, textures, color combinations or great patterns (did somebody say chevron!). I keep boards on Pinterest to organize inspiration and I recommend my clients do the same.

Check out Karen Lerman's Pinterest Boards

What’s the most common design mistake that you see in web design that you’d like to eliminate?
Some people try to do too much with their site. Keeping things simple will allow your site to stand out from the rest. Good design takes attention to detail and a lot of restraint.

Why do you like using Wix?
What’s not to love? I love that I can design a site and then teach my client how to upkeep it themselves. Through tutorials, research and frequent visits to the Wix Lounge in NYC I learned how to optimize sites that looked aesthetically pleasing without having to learn how to code. Not a designer by trade, I learned what I know about design entirely through experience.

Michael Clopton Wix Website Designed by Karen Lerman

What’s your favorite Wix website that you designed and why?
I really love the site I designed for Elyse Bekins. Elyse is a personal chef and founder of Brooklyn Soup Club. I designed the logo and site for Elyse and it has allowed her to grow her business, quit her waitressing job and book gigs that she only dreamed of. I received an e-mail from Elyse just the other week thanking me for making the site and telling me how much it has helped her business grow. I love creating sites, but more than that – I love when they serve the exact purpose for which they were intended for, and allow my clients to follow their dreams and live the life that they’ve imagined.

Elyse Bekins Wix Website designed by Karen Lerman

What’s your biggest challenge in working with clients and how do you overcome it?
By far the biggest challenge when working with clients is emphasizing the importance of understanding that a new website can only do so much. No matter how amazing the design, a site will fall flat without a strong marketing plan. I work with my clients on developing the whole picture with the understanding that the website we create is only a piece of the puzzle.

I sit down with clients before we start working and discuss this in detail. Do you need a social media bucket? If so, how do we incorporate the look and feel of your brand across all your online platforms? Which ones are worth exploring and which are a time-suck? I have a strong marketing background and I truly enjoy the process of helping a brand grow and reach new heights. Generally businesses are looking to build a site that grows revenue and awareness, but the understanding that a good site is just the foundation is essential to truly realizing success.

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