6 Ways to Work Google+ to Get More Traffic to your Website

If you were ignoring Google+ in your social media marketing efforts, it’s time to think again. While Google’s social network did not become “The New Facebook”, it offers one clear advantage over all other social media platforms –  increasing brand visibility on Google search results.

This is why more and more brands are embracing Google+ as an integral part of their SEO strategy. What brands on Google+ are after these days isn’t so much about adding followers but extracting extra SEO juice and increasing their brand visibility on Google. How is this done? It’a actually pretty simple. You can get your Google+ page to work as your own search engine optimization agent by implementing the following six steps.

Optimize Your Page Info

Start by editing your Google+ page information to make it more compatible with Google’s indexing. Make sure the “About” tab in your page includes a meta title (Tagline) and description (Introduction) , and that you have 1-2 important keywords in them. Also, be sure to add relevant links to the description, like your website or any other important online assets you own.  Check out the Wix “About” tab to get an idea of how this works.

Add Google+ Buttons to your Website

Think of Google+ as a two-way street. You shouldn’t only promote your site by adding links to your Google+ page. Your page will yield far better results for your brand if you support it by adding Google+1 buttons to your website. Use the “Follow” and the “+1” buttons in various locations to increase visits and followers rate (here’s how it’s done on a Wix website). The more action you get on your page, the higher the chances are that Google notices it.

Work on Content

This is possibly the most crucial tip we can give you for improving SEO with Google+. The content on your page needs to be frequent, interesting and optimized. Post at least several time a week and make sure you write original text for your Google+ posts (don’t just copy/paste from other places!). Sprinkle your posts with relevant keywords for your service or industry, but make sure you weave them in seamlessly with the text. And don’t forget to add visual content that will encourage people to click, follow, read and share your posts!

Add Links and Hashtags

As is usually the case with SEO, links play an important role on Google+. Make sure the posts on your page include relevant links to your homepage or other segments of your website. Add hashtags to each post to help Google categorize your posts. Hashtags will also help you increase visibility on Google+ itself by targeting your posts to specific audiences with relevant interests.

Stay Active on Google+ Communities

Communities are groups that center around a common theme, like “Gaming”, “Education”, “College Football”, etc. There are dozens of active communities in Google+, the most popular of which number thousands of members. Being an active part of such a community can help you strengthen the credibility of your Google+ page and expand the reach of your posts well beyond your own network of followers. This, in turn, increases movement on your Google+ page, which translates to improved visibility on search results.

Enable Related Pages on Gmail

Here’s a nice little trick not too many people are familiar with. Google released a Gmail widget that highlights your Google+ content directly through email correspondences. Once you enable this widget, your mail recipients get exposed to your Google+ page with every email that you send. At the moment, this service works for brands and companies that send at least 1,000 emails per week from the brand email. This may sound like a lot, but it’s sure a nice incentive to keep growing your business.

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