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Happy Mother’s Day: Amazing Websites Created by Super Moms

Here at Wix, Mother’s Day is no small thing. When it comes to moms, we like to think that we’re their biggest fans! That’s why we wanted to show our love and huge thanks to the miracle workers that are mothers everywhere.

We put together a nice collection of some amazing websites and businesses, all spearheaded and created by some super moms. Prepare yourselves to be wowed:

The Forest Cantina >>

Unna, a self-proclaimed creative over thinker and an over doer, is the amazing mom of two behind this food-centered website. Chock full of beautiful DIY projects and home cooked goodness, Unna says it best herself: “I am a home cook and IN LOVE with food! I also enjoy crafty projects, handwriting labels + organizing parties and celebrations.”

The Forest Cantina

College Counseling eSource >>

Choosing the right college or university can be a pivotal moment in a young person’s life. The daunting application process can leave many soon-to-be undergrads confused and stressed. Luckily Cheryl’s consulting business has set out to to make the process a little less intimidating, and she even does so with her young daughter by her side. Something tells us that Cheryl’s daughter will be accepted into early admissions at a great school.

College Counseling eSource

Mikaliee Alton >>

Touting her own mother as inspiration, Mikaliee designs and creates beautiful clothing that almost any woman would want to wear. Mikaliee became a mom at twenty years old, and put everything on hold to raise her children.  Not long after, life threw her a curve-ball as she was diagnosed with a rare brain illness;  while others may have let this slow them down,  Mikaliee pushed through and sought to make her dream a reality. In fact, her recovery has been an integral part of her collections’ signature style in which she strives to bring “a unique blend of nature, structure and grace” into every piece she constructs.

Mikaliee Alton

Obimama >>

This is one mama that refused to accept that babywearing gear had to be anything less than a piece of art. As a new mom, Jen was frustrated by the lack of options that were available to the parent who preferred to carry their child close to them, and started the line of mei tais that are so popular now. Although her products have become big sellers, this mom promises to stay true to her business’ brand with each mei tai carefully and lovingly made by hand.


Kari Pahno >>

M5 fitness coach and mom, Kari is on a mission to help out people who want to lose weight the healthy way. With an honest approach to her methods (she admits to eating french fries, her favorite food, regularly) and a positive and inviting attitude, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Kari’s client roster is filling up quick. Best of all: she understands that a diet plan should be flexible: “I’m a busy mom who loves to cook and entertain, so my diet plan has to allow for Saturday pancakes with my son.”

Kari Pahno

Irene Scioti >>

Almost all moms will take on the role of photographer at some point, but Irene’s photos are beyond the professional level. Her photos cover all the major areas like beauty, fashion and portaits, but her favorite subject to capture on film happens to be kids. A mother herself, Irene’s artful snaps show the delicate love, attention and care only a mother could know – and then some.

Irene Scioti

Jiggle Gym >>

When Andrea, director and main leader of Jiggle Gym, started seeing her son begin to walk and become more active, she realized that there was a need for a fun and active class for babies and toddlers in her area.  With innovative activities and challenges, Andrea’s classes set out to help aid in children’s development and are “specifically designed for children to explore their new skills and for their carers to marvel at what their little ones can do.”

Jiggle Gym

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