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Web Design \ MAY 26th 2014

Self-Made: Success Stories by Food & Drink Business Owners

If you’re one of the brave entrepreneurs who has ventured to open a food or drink business, you know that success in the field means more than just cooking up a great dish. In this high risk, high reward field, branding and marketing play as big of a role in building your reputation as the great tasting goods that you have to offer.

With so many people turning to the internet for advice on what or where to eat, you want to makes sure that you have a website that’s as appetizing as your signature dish!

Check out these inspiring food entrepreneurs that took a creative spin on the kitchen circuit to serve up mouth watering business ideas.

Wix Stories

Amy Waldman | Puree Artisan Juice Bar

Raw food advocate Amy is not only a small business owner, she’s an inspiration for anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Having lost 90lbs on a raw food diet, Amy decided to spread the word and open Washington DC’s first & only 100% organic, raw vegan, fresh, cold-pressed juice bar; try saying that in one breath! Under the guidance of cleanse specialist, Lauri Bosserman, Puree Artisan Juice Bar puts clients on the right track to health.

Hooked on her new lifestyle, Amy turned to Wix to spread the good word about raw juicing to as many people as she can: “Wix has lots of great apps that streamline our events, for example, which is a big part of getting the word out… Wix enables me to keep control over the site, changes and updates while looking professional and clean. And it’s fun!”

Read Amy’s Inspiring Full Story >>

Amy Waldman | Puree Artisan Juice Bar


Jodie Graham | The Choc & Rock Lolly Buffet

Owner of what she called “The Sweetest Little Lolly Buffet in Brisbane”, Jodie Graham has taken her love of lollies to a whole other level. With The Choc & Rock Lolly Buffet, Jodie owns a catering business that creates beautifully made sweet tables for any occasion.

Having created a site with a different web design platform in the past, Jodie chose to turn to Wix based on the professional looking design options: “Wix has given me a more professional presence on the web – whereas my previous website looked very amateur. The main challenge in my business is to get our name out there, and by having a professional looking website Wix is helping with that”.

Read Jodie’s Full Story >>

Jodie Graham | The Choc & Rock Lolly Buffet

Steven Rasovsky | Lenka Bar

The Rasovksy family’s snack bar business is as homegrown as you can get – literally. From their modest beginnings of baking all natural granola bars right in mama’s kitchen to their newly established full-fledged commercial production facility, Lenka bar proves that there’s no limit to where a good product can go.

With the help of Wix, Lenka was able to turn their homegrown operation that could only deliver within a 200 mile radius, to a household name that can be found in coffee houses across America.

Read Lenka’s Full Story >>

Steven Rasovsky | Lenka Bar

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