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Web Design \ MAY 30th 2014

Cute Websites that Make you Go Awww

Are you ready for your daily dose of adorable? These 15 websites all serve different purposes, but they all have something in common: major cute-factor. At Wix we believe everyone should be able to create a website for free, and we certainly have no issue with people creating sites that contain adorable doggies.

Quick checklist for “cute” websites:

  • dogs, cats, puppies, kittens or other baby animals
  • babies doing what babies do (being cute)
  • kids doing what kids do (being cute most of the time)
  • dainty and sweet icons and fonts
  • vintage caravans (see below)
  • cool hand-drawn images and graphics

We dare you to look these over and not let out a quiet “aww” at one point. If you’re reading this at a cafe, library, or other public place, be warned – people will probably gather behind you to get a closer peek at the cuteness.

Special attention: our first website is none other than DreamDoggy! They recently won our #ShowOffOnline Challenge and if you click through to see their site in detail, we think you’ll see why. All together now: “awwwwwww!”

Dream Doggy >>

Dream Doggy


Yoga Dogz >>

Yoga Dogz


Rhythm In Me >>

Rhythm In Me


Recetas de Alquimia >> 

Recetas de Alquimia


Lottie the Vintage Caravan >>

Lottie the Vintage Caravan


Ah Yo >>

Ah Yo


Kisi Karunia >>

Kisi Karunia


Podule Emporium >>

Podule Emporium


Casa Ilustrada >>

Casa Ilustrada


99 Bus >>

99 Bus


Krooom >>



Tartarte >>



Christine Esoldopet Photography >>

Christine Esoldopet Photography


Everett Abrams >>

Everett Abrams


Little Lisa Smile >>

Little Lisa Smile


Inspired to make your very own cute website? Check out our amazing (and free) website templates>>

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