5 Excellent Apps for Wix Websites

The Wix App Market is a magical place filled with amazing web Apps and services that can be added to your Wix website with just a few clicks. With over 200 to choose from, they cover a wide variety of uses and tasks including business, social, galleries, forms and marketing tools – all created to enhance your website and your user engagement. The huge variety that’s available means you’re more than likely to find a few that will benefit your site visitors, your business, or both.

These 5 Apps are just a taste of the huge variety that’s waiting to be discovered in the Wix App Market:

Live Chat Room

Interacting with your site visitors in real-time can make a huge difference in your conversion rate.  Imagine you had the ability to help a potential customer with an issue they’re having on your website before they get frustrated and move on. Not only could you help a customer make a purchase, but you could get important intel into your site’s usability downfalls. Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine all this – it can all be done by adding an App directly to your site! When you’re editing your site, simply go the App Market tab on the left panel, type “Live Chat Room” in the search bar, and click to add it to your site.

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Google Adsense

Add this App and start making a profit off of advertising space on your website! Free to add and a matter of minutes to set up, it’s a hassle free way to earn some extra money by with almost no effort. How does it work? Google will run relevant ads that fit the content of your website, and even lets you control which ones appear on your pages so you can customize them to match the look and feel of your site. So how do you make the money rain from the Google sky? Google pays out for every valid click or impression the ad they run gets.  Some good-to-know info:

  • Control the type of ads that can appear on your pages

  • Keep track of the results with detailed reports showing you how hard your site is working for you

  • It’s easy to use and there’s no contract required

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Site Search

At first glance, this App is more for your site visitors’ benefit. But other than giving your site visitors a nice and easy way of finding exactly what they’re looking for on your site, you get some really valuable information: what your site visitors are coming to your website for the most.  With the Site Search App, site visitors can find text, images, and products in an instant, with all search results beautifully displayed. There’s even an option to get product search filters for eCommerce. Getting it is easy: from inside the Wix editor, go to the App Market tab on the left side panel, type in ‘Site Search’ in the search bar, and add your brand new App.

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Dropbox folder

If you’re one of the 100s of millions of people who use Dropbox – this App will be especially exciting. With the Dropbox folder App, you can easily update your site with fresh content directly from your Dropbox account. Completely free to add and use, it’s a fantastic way to bring all kinds of interesting content onto your website from anywhere, at anytime. You can even enable visitors to download and share your Dropbox items – which can be a great tool for word-of-mouth marketing. How to add it? Go the App Market tab on the left panel of the editor, type “Dropbox” in the search bar, and click to add it to your site.

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Social Coupons

If you have an online store, this App can be a great way to boost sales. Giving a little discount here and there can give you a way to promote a sale or new product – and it tends to encourage people to gush about the great deal they got, gaining you more interest. Sound good? Here’s how it gets even better:

  • Viral traffic – when users redeem the social coupons, their friends are notified

  • Gain more leads –  get users’ full name, gender, age and email address

  • Insights – Find out who your best clients are by getting in-depth stats by age, gender and more

  • All coupons are fully customizable – design your coupon exactly the way you want it to look

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