8 Tips for App Development Newbies

Unless you’ve sworn off all modern technology, chances are you know that Apps have become a big deal. In fact, it’s even hard to imagine getting through some daily tasks without them. With that said, if you’ve got an App in the works or are even just in the beginning development stages, you could be on your way to cashing in on the potential big profits that App culture has created.

So how do you make the great App you’re working on available to the masses? Buckle up, we’ve got 8 tips to help you get your App out there!

1. Utilize the Wix App Market

With 45,000 new users everyday, Wix is a pretty fantastic place to launch your App if you’re looking to get noticed. The Wix App Market is available to all 46 million + Wix users and is a great way to get your App out there. Not only can developing an App for Wix help you launch your career as a developer, but there’s no registration fee and the revenues start coming in from day 1 that your App is live. Another plus:  if you don’t make a profit, neither does Wix.  And the final kicker: if you already have an existing App, all you need to do it provide Wix with the App’s URL – all of the hosting is on your end and you’re in complete control. 100% App friendly!

2. Know your Users

A good question for you to start with is who will be using your app and why. This first step is crucial to the potential overall success of your App. Making the right adjustments that will gear your App towards the right targeted audience can not only save you some backtracking, but also aid you in customizing your App for its best market. Once you’ve identified your audience and the need your App will be filling, the next steps will be much easier.

3. Investigate your Market Share

Market share is simply the portion of a market that is controlled or dominated by a particular company or product. If your App acts as a countdown clock (for example) you should check to see what other Apps out there offer the same service and features. Doing so lets you compare your own App to the ones that are already available, and can help you tweak your App’s features and abilities to set it apart from the others. Once you’ve done your homework and seen the competition, you can decide how to make sure your app offers a better option to users and potential customers.

4. Set the Right Business Plan

The way you offer your App to your potential users can have a big effect on download rates. The four main categories break down like this:

  • free

  • freemium

  • free trial

  • premium

Take a moment to decide which business model suits your App or service best, and go with it. It should be kept in mind that people respond best to something they can test out or try before they purchase. This is probably why some of the most successful Apps to date offer free trial or freemium options.

5. Market your App [the right way]

Everyone likes a catchy name, but it’s also important to make sure your App’s name should fit the service it provides. Putting the right name to an App can sometimes be a tricky task, but if you get it right it can go a long way to not only increase sales, but reinforce the brand you’re working to build. General rules include going with an App name that has meaning, makes sense, and makes it easy for the user to grasp what your App is about. Once you’ve decided on the right name, make sure that your logos, images, and all promotional materials are aligned so the finished package looks professional and polished.

6. Stick to the Requirements of your Platform

One of the worst things that can hold up the development and release of your App can come down to a simple oversight. Don’t let a silly thing like ignoring the requirements of the platform your App is being designed for make you backtrack and rework what you’ve already done. Be sure you’re 100% on all of the rules your platform has in place for design, technology and more. This will help you get the most out of your time, and avoid getting a sudden onslaught of grey hair.

7. Track How your App is Used

Simply put: keep an eye on what your users are doing. By following your users movement and flow throughout your App, you can find out what works, what doesn’t, what needs tweaking, which features are most popular, and what may even be missing. This step should be ongoing, and not a one-time activity. For your App to be successful, you need to monitor it constantly and respond to the potentially changing needs of your users.

8. Offer Quality Support

Never underestimate the importance of being there for your customers when they need you most. The quality of the support your offer your user base can make all the difference. Encourage feedback and keep a clear and open line of communication with your users. Planning ahead for bugs and other issues isn’t always a reality, but having a protocol for when a user encounters an issue is. Don’t forget to be human – people tend to prefer real people when computers give them a headache.

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