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Web Design \ APR 3rd 2014

It’s Spring Time! 5 Tips for Cleaning and Refreshing your Website

Who doesn’t love the spring? The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the house is begging for a thorough cleaning. This year, along with tidying up your living and working environment, we encourage you to give your website a good “cleaning” as well.

Freshening up your online presence is always a good idea. It’s a great boost to your visibility on search engines, as well as an occasion to examine new trends in web design. As we’re transitioning into fairer weather, take the opportunity to consider the following tips for website spring cleaning:

spring cleaning3


1. Introducing New Features:

The internet is such a dynamic sphere. New tools and apps are constantly being released, and some of them may seamlessly integrate with your content or help you promote your services.

Finding new and exciting functionalities shouldn’t be hard. Visit the Wix App Market to check out the latest additions. With a single mouse click your website can boast a brand new feature!

Another way to discover new tools is to revisit competitors’ websites and see what they have been up to lately. You might get an idea for an important tool that is currently missing from your site.

Wix App Market

2. Bring in More Visuals:

It’s never a bad time to add more visual content to your website. Visit your homepage for a moment and have a look at the visuals you have there. Is it time to add a fresh bunch of images? Did you get a chance to collect more pictures but forgot to post them? Perhaps some of the images you currently have on your site are outdated?

Even if you don’t want to change the entire set of images on your website, adding just two new visuals will already make a big difference. Think of it as hanging a new picture on the wall of your living room. It’s hardly a dramatic step, but the right picture can make the room appear completely refreshed and different.

Bring in More Visuals

3. Add a News Section

One great thing to consider for your site revision is adding a blog or news section that will encourage you to update your site’s content more frequently. Once you have a news section on your site, you can’t simply update it once a year for spring cleaning, right?

News and blog updates are a great way to invigorate your website’s content on a regular basis. The frequency should depend on the type of website you’re running (business, professional, personal, educational, etc.), as well as on the time and effort you’re capable of putting into it. Just remember that a website with months-old “latest news” doesn’t create the best impression.

 Add a News Section

4. Make Sure the Mobile Version Is Updated

Keeping the full website up and running is one thing, but don’t forget that your mobile website requires maintenance as well! After adding new content or features to the full site, don’t forget to make arrangements on the mobile version too and check that all latest additions are looking good on both desktop and mobile devices.

Don’t have a mobile version yet? Let’s get you one right now! Optimize your website to mobile viewing and make sure that visitors can access your site on the go.

 Wix Mobile Solution

5. Get Rid of Some Noise

Just like in traditional cleaning, this is an opportunity to make your site less cluttered and more comfortable to browse through. Are there any redundant bits of text you can remove? Maybe the color scheme is too colorful? Or perhaps the site’s layout is getting too crowded?

Keep in mind that it’s hard to notice these things once you’ve gotten used to them. It might be helpful to get feedback from people whose opinion you value. Ask them to browse all the way through your website and point to elements that do not seem valuable to the user experience. For best results, use Wix’ new “Get Feedback” feature – an amazing tool that allows your friends to leave valuable feedback directly on your website.

That should give you enough to start with. Enjoy spring 2014!

It’s Spring Time! 5 Tips for Cleaning and Refreshing your Website

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