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Photography \ APR 21st 2014

11 Winning Family Photography Ideas for Freelancers

Want to expand your photography portfolio and your clientele simultaneously? A great way to get two birds with one stone is to extend your family photography services in a creative way.

Even in the digital era, when everybody has a camera phone in at least one of their pockets, family photography is still an active niche for professionals in the field. It’s not free of competition, though, and that’s why you should be offering potential clients a variety of creative staging ideas that can appeal to their taste and wishes.

You can never have enough good ideas on your plate, so let’s get you started with 11 ideas for fun and unique family photographs. These should boost your expertise and skills with family photography in no time:

Urban realism: Give your clients almost a documentary-quality photo album by situating them in their natural urban surroundings.

family photography ideas _ B sharp Photo Studio

Photo by B Sharp Photo Studio


Outdoors family: Schedule the photo session at a nearby park or nature reservation and follow the family around as they explore the outdoors. Be sure you calculate the time according to the sunlight.

Family Photography Ideas - Flash and Vision

Photo by Flash and Vision


The team: Sports is one of the main themes that families have in common. If your clients share a sportive passion for a team or a specific type of exercise, emphasize this in your photo shoot.

Family Photography Ideas - Kamikay photo

Photo by Kamikay


Feet fun: Little feet are adorable, and your young subjects will be thrilled about the chance to paint on each others feet. The only question is, who decides what to write?

Family Photography Ideas - Brittney Freeman

Photo by Brittney Freeman


Parents playground: Who needs slides and carousels when mom and dad are around? Ask the kids to treat their parents like a playground and get ready to snap before the folks get tired.

Family Photography Ideas - La Rae

Photo by La Rae Photography


Family spelling: Family names are like the entire shared history of a family concentrated in one single word. It means a lot to have a visualization of that with all the members together in one shot.

Family Photography Ideas - Kim Doran Photography

Photo by Kim Doran


Group jump: Ready, set, jump! Get them all up in the air and give them a moment they’ll be so happy to remember ever after.

Family Photography Ideas - Beach Chip Photography

Photo By Beach Chic Photography


Embarrass the kids: Children are never really excited about their parents’ show of affection. Why not have a cute play on that by asking the kids to be very overt with their reaction?

Family Photography Ideas - Tallie Johnson

Photo by Tallie Johnson


Numbers matter: Whether you want to emphasize the number of kids, a specific date, or maybe the years of a marriage anniversary, get the family to pose in a location that highlights their magic number.

Family Photography Ideas - Rebecca Groller

Photo by Rebecca Groller


Dogpile! Get all the family to choose one lucky victim to lie at the bottom of a stack of fun, and start snapping as they crunch each other with love.

Family Photography Ideas - Portland Diva Photography

Photo by Portland Diva Photography


Get into those toys: Time for a little role reversal. Let the parents get comfortable with their children’s toys and start documenting what happens when grown ups get back to childhood together with their kids.

Family Photography Ideas - Camera 24

Photo by Camera 24


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