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Web Design \ APR 4th 2014

Own It! 20 Spectacular Wix Websites Based on a Single Template

Creativity is what makes great websites stand out. The best proof of that is found in sites that were created from templates yet still manage to convey a unique style and message. If you approach building a website with an innovative vision, a previously designed website template can result in endless design and style possibilities.

We have here exhibit A – the City Bakery template, a relatively new addition to the Wix template gallery. It combines a simple navigation structure with a fun visual grid on the homepage, integrating text and images for an optimized branding.

Following the template are 20 amazing websites that have one thing in common – they were all created with this very same template. As the evidence shows, Wix users were able to use this template to design individual and powerful sites with a distinct vibe. Creativity wins!

Scroll and behold, but beware! There are some really appetizing food websites on this list:

City Bakery Template >>

City Bakery Template


The Brew Cellar >>

The Brew Cellar

Eva Lancer >>

Eva Lancer

Bow and Blush >>

Bow and Blush

I Dolci Di Fiora >>

I Dolci Di Fiora

B Polished Salon & Spa >>

B Polished Salon & Spa

Coffee Tree >>

Coffee Tree

Cupplets >>


Hot Stepper >>


Hotels and Hideaways >>

Hotels and Hideaways

Investor Ball >>

Investor Ball Landing Page

Jessica & Tieg >>

Jessica and Tieg

Landsmith Designs >>

Landsmith Designs

Mam’s Snoballs >>

Mam's Snoballs

Minkyu Song >>

Minkyu Song

Prissy Events >>

Prissy Events

Sushi Kuu >>

Sushi Kuu

The Amber Bee >>

The Amber Bee

The Ancient Mariner >>

city bakery18

The Cake Company >>

The Cake Company

Walnut and Willow >>

Walnut and Willow

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