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Small Business Tips \ APR 28th 2014

Round Up of Great Online Tools for Small Business Owners

Running a business operation, even a small-scale one, comes with a continuous flow of daily tasks and challenges. Even the most organized and effective manager will find it difficult to juggle all the various assignments simultaneously without seeking some assistance. Luckily for small biz owners today, it’s not the struggle it once was. Online business tools are constantly becoming more sophisticated and valuable. Now more than ever, small businesses are turning to the web in search of reliable and cost-efficient tools that maximize activities such as bookkeeping, marketing, customer retention, project management and more.

If you want to make sure that your business improves in productivity; if you want to save precious time and resources; and mostly, if you want to increase your profit potential, utilizing the best online business tools should become a regular part of your business strategy.

This post introduces 10 tools that can work wonders for your small business activity. Some are free and some are well-suited to the small biz budget. Give them a try and tell us what you think.

Round Up of Great Online Tools for Small Business Owners

10 Online Tools for a Smooth Small Biz Operation

Increased Traffic Flow with GetTraffic:

This tool drives visitors into your website by letting you set up a targeted ad that is displayed in effective online spots chosen specifically to match your customization. You can also track performance of the ads, run tests and compare results. You can easily manage GetTraffic directly through your Wix.com account by adding it here.


Run the Paperwork with Wave:

Accounting, invoicing, payroll payments – this software takes care of all the financing needs that any small business is required to handle. A lot of finance software neglects the market of small businesses or misunderstand their needs. Wave prides itself for creating tools especially fit for businesses with 9 employees or less. It’s a cost-effective solution to a problem that most small biz owners have little patience for (and understandably so).


Control How You Network with SproutSocial:

Small businesses often run their social media marketing in-house and in-between other tasks. When you don’t have the time to commit to social media full-time, a tool like SproutSocial can simplify your workload significantly. This social dashboard allows you to track activity across a variety of networks, engage with followers in one spot and analyze your influence. In short, it helps you become much more hands-on with your social presence.

Sprout Social

Get Found with the SEO Wizard:

This tool, created especially by Wix developers to help Wix users improve their search engine visibility, operates by analyzing your website and suggesting improvements to your SEO settings. It’s a matter of one click, and you get SEO consultation for free.

SEO Wizard

Track Leads from Your Inbox with Streak:

If you run your business email with Google Apps (and you can easily do that through your Wix account), this Gmail add-on will save you loads of time and and effort by bringing your business to your inbox. Streak is specifically designed to leverage leads into sales and to improve CRM (Customer Relationship Management). If your business relies heavily on email communications, this tool can seriously boost your sales.


Open the Lines with MightyCall:

Want to show your clients and website visitors that you’re serious about good service? Offer them a toll-free number to call to. For a great price, the MightyCall app will set you up with a number, forward calls to your mobile phone, and add a direct link that allows visitors to call from your site. A quick install from the Wix App Market and you’re good to go.

Mighty Call

Visualize Success with Mural.ly:

Especially designed for small teams that work with visual content or creative thinking, Mural.ly offers a simple interface where ideas can be organized into a workflow. It’s as if you had a huge drawing board in the office, where everyone can share their thoughts and insights, only less messy and more effective.


Reach Out with MailChimp Newsletters:

One of the most powerful email marketing tools is waiting for you in the Wix App Market. MailChimp allows you to create and manage email lists, as well as design and distribute quality newsletters. It’s a great method for customer retention and brand strengthening.


Boost PR Efforts with PitchEngine:

Most small businesses don’t even bother to think about PR because of the costs involved in working with a PR agency. PitchEngine offers a solution to this by bringing small biz owners a way to manage their own PR efforts easily. It’s marketing software that wraps up your content in an appealing and professional way and shares it on multiple locations from just one dashboard.


Make Sales Easy with Square:

Why go through all the hassle of setting up a credit card reader when you can just use this gadget and make sales directly on your phone or tablet device? For your brick-and-mortar location – be it a store, a cafe or a dentist’s office – get a square device to take care of the charges. It’s the future of card swiping!


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