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Photography \ MAR 20th 2014

Original Photography Services to Draw in Clients

Professional photography is a highly competitive field and making your business stand out isn’t easy. A great way to reach larger audiences – while distinguishing yourself from the competition – is to offer clients unique and creative services. Showing that you can think out of the box sends a clear message about your original perspective and your ability to innovate and surprise your clients.

A large segment of our users are freelance photographers, who use Wix to create professional online photography portfolios.  Many of them offer unique photography services that appeal to clients who have grown bored of traditional photo shoots. If you’re considering adding new services to your photography business, here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

Pin Up Style

What used to be considered provocative has now been elevated to a sassy art form. Both female and male audiences will be happy to find themselves in the place of a retro model with oozing style.

Mae Pin-Up Photography  >>

Mae Pin-Up Photography

A Seasonal Photoshoot

Beautiful autumn foliage, a sunny beach, snowy hills or spring bloom – show clients how they transform from one season to another.

Workman Photography >>

Workman Photography

Then and Now

Help your clients recreate a magical childhood moment. They choose the photo they want to remake, and you work together to create a modern interpretation that resembles the original.

Themed Engagement Album

Many young couples today want to capture their love on camera in a fun and unique way. Offer your clients a personalized engagement photoshoot based on their favorite movie, hobby or where they first met.

M2 Studio >>

M2 Studio

A Day in the Life Of…

Who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity for just once? Follow your clients around for one day and create a photo series that documents their every-day reality.

People and Pets

A fun photoshoot that visualizes the relationship between people and the special animals they share their lives with.

Eva Lancer >>

Eva Lancer

A Periodical Piece

Offer your clients a time-traveling experience that places them at the heart of a different time period. This can be anything from Victorian-style family photos to Cabaret-inspired group pics.

Dina Haggerty Photography >>

Dina Haggerty Photography

Workplace Photography

Companies and organizations make a group that is rarely targeted by photographers. Work this to your benefit by tailoring a customized package for businesses.

Eugene Santos Photography >>

Eugene Santos Photography

Personal Calendar

Create customized calendars for individuals based on meaningful personal events, seasons and holidays. This can work really well as a gift idea, so consider offering this service in the form of an online voucher or a gift card.

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