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Wix Updates \ MAR 1st 2014

Message from Wix’s CEO: Recent Service Interruption

Hi everyone,

I realize many of you may be angry, frustrated or simply worried following the unusual service interruptions we experienced in the last 2 days, and I wanted to personally apologize to you and explain.

Since Thursday, 2/27 at 07:00am EST Wix has been the target of a malicious DDoS attack, a technique used by hackers to take an internet service offline by overloading its servers. (Read more about DDoS attacks).

We have robust systems in place to deal with such instances; however the scale of this particular attack caused Wix.com and some Wix user websites to experience significant but intermittent downtime. Throughout the attack, we were able to guarantee that the vast majority of websites remained live and unaffected. Rest assured, all your personal data, including billing information, is secure and was never compromised.

The status right now is that we’ve managed to restore all Wix services. Regrettably, some of our users may still experience slower than usual response times when trying to login to Wix or view their websites, for which I am very sorry. Our support and tech teams are working around the clock to help each and every one of you resolve any issue affecting your personal account. If you need any assistance, please contact us through the dedicated Support thread we opened for this purpose or by emailing  live_support@wix.com.

It is our job to protect your websites; we’re very sorry that we’ve let you down and promise you that we will work very hard to make our service even stronger.

Thank you for your continued support.

Avishai Abrahami,
Wix Co-founder and CEO

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