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Small Business Tips \ MAR 24th 2014

Creative Stress-Free Ways to Meet and Make New Clients

Reaching out to new potential clients can be not only challenging but down right frustrating. Any starting business owner knows the feeling of having to invest time and effort in trying to convert people into customers. For every success you will inevitably experience a few declines.

But it doesn’t always have to be this way. We’d like to suggest a few methods of connecting with potential clients that are both effective and stress-free. Marketing your service or product is a continuous and critical task, but it should and can be enjoyable.

Remember: when you have fun promoting your business, it empowers your communication with clients and creates a stronger appeal for them to get to know you better.

Creative Stress-Free Ways to Meet and Make New Clients

1. Teach Them Something

As a business owner, you have experience and skills that qualify you as an expert in a certain field. You can share this expertise with a crowd of knowledge-seeking people, while also – subtly – marketing your services.

There are a number of things you can do, depending on your resources:  hosting a joint workshop with other professionals from related fields is a very strong option – nothing beats being face-to-face with potential clients.  But there are also good online options available, like teaching a class on SkillShare or a starting a blog with great tips and tutorials. If you need some inspiration for workshop ideas, check out the calendar of the NYC Wix Lounge. We often invite guest speakers with innovative business backgrounds.

The Wix Lounge

2. Showcase Your Goods at 3rd-Party Events

If you have an actual product you want to promote, one of the most effective ways to reach a new audience is to distribute freebies and samples on large public events.

Get in touch with organizations and event planners that might be interested in hosting you for an event or a lecture. They have clear interest in keeping their guests happy, and people like nothing better than getting free goodies.  This marketing method will allow you to communicate with people in a relaxed environment, where they don’t feel pressured to buy – just thrilled to try a new product.

Sweet Generation and NYC Bre Craft Labs at the Wix Lounge

3. Write a Newsletter You’ll Enjoy Reading

Newsletters can be associated with spammy marketing techniques if their content is not relevant and entertaining. However, if you’re able to produce a newsletter that offers readers added value and a fun read, they’re likely not only to follow up on it with purchases but also to forward it to their community.

Take, for example, the Wine Mine, a local wine shop in Oakland, California who built their website with Wix. Their weekly newsletter includes interesting information about new wines in stock, fun descriptions of upcoming wine tastings and even some industry-related jokes. This type of feel-good email is exactly what people expect to find when opening your newsletter: short, informative, and… valuable.

Check out these great tools from the Wix App Market that can help you create your very own newsletter!

Check Out the Wix App Market and Create Your Own Newsletter

4. Branded Flash Mob

Take to the streets and get some attention! Whether you want to do a classic dancing flash mob or any other type of outdoors activity (A capella singing? Street theater?), creating a fun public spectacle is a unique way to grab people’s attention and make them appreciate your brand’s spirit and creativity.

Here’s a classic example of a flash mob organized by T-Mobile at a London train station:

5. Print Clever Stickers

Creating smart Facebook ads is one thing, but don’t underestimate the value of traditional, tangible promotional stickers. Yes, stickers!

The idea is to come up with witty or inspiring single line message that your target audience will feel happy to share.  You can then distribute them in mailboxes, cafes, leave them (not stick them!) on car windshields, etc.

Don’t forget to print your business name and website URL on the sticker!

Print Clever Stickers

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