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Promote Your Site \ MAR 27th 2014

6 Great Ways To Create Content When You’re Short On Time

Taking the time to update your website can be tough when you can’t seem to find an open hour to convince the world around you to stop moving and just get it done. As if that wasn’t enough, coming up with ideas alone for new creative content can sometimes take up the whole hour you’ve set aside. That’s where we can help! We know that sometimes it can be difficult to do both, so we’ve come up with some helpful alternative routes to get you inspired and creating new content in no time.

6 Great Ways To Create Content When You’re Short On Time

Get inspiration from blogs you love

Let’s be clear: we are in no way saying you should plagiarize or copy-paste anything out there, but there’s no harm in writing a blog post that was inspired by someone else’s idea.  In fact we like to think this blog is good for some content inspiration. So if you find an idea you think is relevant, go with it. Just be sure to put your own spin on it and keep it short and sweet. Don’t feel guilty that it’s shorter than most of your content –  just  make sure it’s interesting and simply leave out the fluff. Sometimes this can even be a refreshing change of pace.

The Wix Blog


Utilize strong images or video

Keep your text short  by placing the emphasis on a bold image or fun video that can get the conversation started. Word to the wise: steer clear of stock images – they aren’t very likely to impress and they certainly won’t create buzz. If you’re not confident in your ability to use the camera on your phone, we’ve got some blog posts to help you fake it like a pro.

FlipMe >>



Add in some social

Bring the social aspect into your site and let the content on your social channels do some of the work for you! If you’re active on any social networks, you can harness their content and place it directly on your site by adding live feed Apps.  There’s tons of fun and interesting options to choose from in the Wix App Market, so even if you already have some social features on your site, you can always add more. You can see all of our social Apps here . We suggest going with an App for a social channel you’re most active on.  Later on down the line, if you feel like you don’t need the particular App you added anymore, you can always delete it faster than you can make a cup of tea.
Steven Alan >>

Steven Alan


Come up with a how-to guide

Sometimes the services we provide or even things we do on a daily basis can seem easier to us than they are for others. You might be surprised to find how many people will appreciate a simple and clear walkthrough guide on tasks that you never considered as tricky. These can be anything from sewing on a button to making the perfect 3 egg omelette, or how to retouch pics with Photoshop. Whatever you’re good at, share the wealth! It’s a fantastic way to get known as someone who’s happy to help by sharing info which can’t be bad for your brand.

Pipe Cleaner Crafts >>

Pipe Cleaner Crafts


Go the testimonial route

If you have some happy customers or people who have worked with you whose two cents about your business will leave you in a flattering light, there’s no shame in asking them to put their kind word in print. Not only is this content mostly fueled by someone that isn’t yourself, but it’s an amazing way to strengthen your reputation as a business and fortify your brand. Plus, we’ve got plenty of testimonial Apps to make adding this to your website quick and painless.

P23 Music >>

P23 Music


Make a ‘round’

Whatever makes up your niche – fashion, food, photography, baby products – collect all the latest news items or products and put them all into a fun little list. Give descriptions for each item and your take on them or review. Before you know it, you’ve created killer content in the form of a round! These have become extremely popular and you may just find yourself making them part of your content’s monthly rotation.


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