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Photography \ MAR 26th 2014

5 Brilliant Photographers You Definitely Need to Know About

Deciding which five new talents to feature is no easy task when there are so many amazing photographers out there. So this time we thought we’d zero-in not so much on technique, but on photographers who have unique and authentic perspectives. As if that wasn’t enough, the following five photographers also impressed us with their ability to create a fantastic online portfolio – all by themselves.

Shirlaine >>

Based in Manchester, UK, Shirlaine is a highly accomplished freelance photographer specializing in music, fashion and portrait photography. Browsing her incredible portfolio makes you instinctively understand that this photographer throws herself into her work with great gusto. Shirlaine has an unusual talent: she can capture a singular live moment or artificially construct one, both with absolute perfection.

Shirlaine Photography


5 photographers you need to know10


Doma Photography >>

An American photographer based in London, Dom’s photography shows the complexity and contradictions of modern identity. He is committed to pushing the boundaries of advertising photography, while at the same time showing tremendous mastery of traditional photographic conventions.

Doma Photography


5 photographers you need to know2


Mario Marino >>

Based in Germany, Mario Marino is a travel portrait photographer and by extension, a citizen of the world. His work steers clear of romantic clichés and has a way of showing local flavor without compromising his subjects to cultural stereotypes.

Mario Marino Photography


5 photographers you need to know4


Nico Vromans >>

Nico Vromans is a Dutch photographer who can best be described as a “soul photographer.” His images show unparalleled sensitivity and warmth and project a true humanist vision. Whether on the studio or in the street, every picture taken by Nico shows his love and respect for his subjects.

Nico Vromans Photography


5 photographers you need to know6


Ross Couper >>

Ross Couper is a wildlife guide and photographer, specializing in Africa. Born in Zimbabwe into a family who were “resolutely rooted in the bush,” his photos are not taken with the perspective of an outsider, but a benevolent, always curious insider. Ross is the kind of photographer that takes his time with his camera – and his patience pays off. His images always seem to capture a  natural, elemental quality that mesmerizes and keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

Ross Couper Photography


5 photographers you need to know8


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