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10 Inspiring Women and Their Beautiful Websites

International Women’s Day is tomorrow – and we’ve been excited to publish this post in honor of women everywhere, for weeks! We’re constantly inspired by the businesses and Wix sites that our users create – and those created by women are definitely no exception.

So we’ve decided to pay tribute the Wix way. Check out these amazing businesses and their killer Wix websites, all created by amazing women.

Erin Mcgean – Artist >>

Artist, Photographer, Painter, Teacher – are all good ways to describe the many hats that Erin wears, but she prefers describing herself as a photo-editor. Her collage creations involve double exposure edits and portrait blends, involving her two children and husband. If you’d like to see more about her creative process check out her tutorial videos in which she reveals all of her artistic secrets.

Erin Mcgean

The Invisible Hostess >> 

In business since 2006, Sheena Kalso’s business started out small and quickly grew to be known as one of the top event companies in the Seattle region. From weddings, to corporate events, to dinner parties and bar mitzvahs – Sheena’s business covers them all and, according to her customers, does so flawlessly.

The Invisible Hostess

Olga Elliot >> 

A globetrotter by the time she was a toddler, Olga eventually found the stage and decided it was where she truly felt at home. A super talent who isn’t affraid to push the limits and take on unexpected roles, this self-proclaimed “quirky” girl is now studying improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater – and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

Olga Elliot

Kale Boon >> 

Animation artist and teacher, Olga Golster’s live sand art tells stories that will capture your attention and keep it locked in place. She reminds us that beauty can be so simple and can be found in something as common as a handful of sand. Check out her creations – we dare you not to become entranced.

Kale Boon

Lexi Corn >>

If you’re looking for a trained professional who can recite all 50 US states in less than 30 seconds, a champion in thumb wrestling and a Karaoke superstar – Lexi is a perfect fit for you. Not impressed? we assure you you will be, when you check her body of work. This well experienced copywriter has worked for almost all of the biggest brands in the world and something tells us she is the type of person you want to spend your days in the office with.

Lexi Corn

Laura Louise Goodwin >>

Like every Fashionista, Laura likes to switch things up. As well as posing for some of the biggest names in the industry as a plus size model, she is also a very talented makeup artist who has worked alongside respected photographers and stylists in the business. Check out her modeling and makeup portfolio and see her beautiful pics for yourself.

Laura Louise Goodwin

Josie Baughan Photography >>

Josie discovered photography at university when she bought her first camera, and it hasn’t left her side since. She specializes in wedding and portrait photography and describes her style as relaxed and unobtrusive. She aims to capture not just beautiful images, but also the special moments you don’t find in “posed” pictures.

Josie Baughan Photography

Girlfriend’s Help >>

Did you ever wish you could have someone organize your life for you? Well… your wish is Elissa and Jody’s command! These two ladies have built a business out of their amazing ability to organize spaces and homes into tip-top shape. Whether it’s reorganizing your home, orchestrating a smooth relocation, or dealing with vendors – they do it all and they do it well.

Girlfriend's Help

The Fox Box >>

Tova and Emma intend to conquer the world using a secret weapon: nail polish. These two South Africans hung up their business suits and began their entrepreneurial journey with one aim in mind– to become South Africa’s premier mobile nail service offering not only mobile nail services in the corporate space but also your home. Nowadays they are launching their own product line, and they won’t stop until every woman looks and feels at her best!

The Fox Box

Samantha Kate >>

This new zealander describes herself as a Designer, Thinker, Believer …Do it yourself-er and she most definitely does it all herself – from photography to fashion design and illustration she follows her passion for creation, and thats what makes her work so exquisite!

Samantha Kate

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