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Small Business Tips \ FEB 28th 2014

How to Create a Killer Facebook Cover Photo for Your Business Page

Here at the Wix Blog, we’re all about sharing helpful info that will benefit small businesses. Today we thought we’d take on the topic of the Facebook cover photo, and why it’s so important. The cover photo area on any Facebook page is prime visual real estate – and that’s why you should consider making the most of it.

While having a professional website for your business is #1 on the list for acing your online presence,  having a fantastic Facebook page is probably in the top 5. In fact, there are plenty of people who may see your Facebook page before they click through to your website – so don’t you want to make it impressive?

We’ve compiled all our findings of Facebook cover photos to aspire to. Here are the tips to help you create a successful cover photo for your business:

  1. Show (don’t tell) what you do

    Use this visual space to it’s max potential – try to show what your business is all about in the cleanest, clearest way possible. Take these ingenious examples from Post-it and PEZ:

    Post it Facebook Cover Photo

    Pez Facebook Cover Photo

  2. Be creative while staying true to your brand

    We’re huge advocates of getting creative with just about anything, but when it comes to your Facebook cover photo (much like the header of your website) your creativity needs to stay within the reasonable confines of your brand. Don’t have a brand? Make one! Your Facebook cover pic, as well as your website, is the perfect starting point to brand your business.

    The Rolling Stones Facebook Cover Photo

    Dove Facebook Cover Photo

  3. Use a cover photo that fuses with your profile pic

    This isn’t necessarily a ‘must-do’, but it’s certainly on trend right now. Lots of well known brands are maximizing their use of this space on their Facebook pages and we’re not going to lie – it’s pretty darn cool. Check out how Jack Daniel’s and The Simpsons continue their profile image onto their cover photo below. It’s a technique that gives a large scale, polished effect that will intrigue your viewers into taking a second look.

    Jack Daniels Facebook Cover Photo

    The Simpsons Facebook Cover Photo

  4. Promote upcoming events & new products

    If you’ve got an event coming up or a new product line you want to bring attention to, your Facebook cover pic is the perfect stage. Do your best to work it into your brand like Pizza Hut and Häagen-Dazs do below, it’ll give anything you promote double impact.

    Pizza Hut Facebook Cover Photo Haggen Dazs Facebook Cover Photo

  5. Change with the seasons/get into the holiday spirit

    Showing your festive side to your followers or people who happen to be visiting your page shows that your page is current and updated frequently. It’s also a nice way to boost potential sales during the holiday seasons, which is usually when products sell the most.

    Lindt Facebook Cover Photo

    Walmart Facebook Cover Photo

  6. #Hashtag it up!

    The hashtag is a major trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. So why not make the most of them? Use them in tandem with an online campaign or contest and let your followers have fun with it while bringing more attention to your business.

    Vans Facebook Cover Photo

    Adobe Facebook Cover Photo

  7. Put your fans & customers center stage

    Who loves to be on the Jumbotron? Answer: pretty much everyone. Think of your Facebook cover photo as the Jumbotron of your page. Putting your fans up top creates excitement and makes you and your business much more personable. It’s a fun way to show your users that you’re fans of them, too.

    Nikon Facebook Cover Photo

    Sharpie Facebook Cover Photo

  8. Give milestones the attention they deserve

    Don’t be shy – if you’ve got something to celebrate, make it known by working it into a killer cover photo. Milestones and special turning points for your business can create a sense of excitement that can be contagious.

    Lipton Facebook Cover Photo Facebook's Facebook Cover Photo

  9. Get people clicking with CTAs (call to actions)

    Why not get people clicking with strong CTAs? They’re effective on your website, and they’re certainly effective on Facebook. Keep them short and to the point, and always use active voicing – not passive.

    Listerine Facebook Cover Photo Hubspot Facebook Cover Photo

  10. Show your fun side

    Simply put: don’t hesitate to have fun with it! Your followers will appreciate your ability to use your sense of humor and wit, and people visiting your page may choose to give your page a like and become followers. After all, couldn’t we all use a little more light humor in our daily lives?

    Twix Facebook Cover Photo Skittles Facebook Cover Photo

by The Wix Team

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