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Web Design \ FEB 21st 2014

15 “Coming Soon” Websites that Keep Visitors Hungry for More

Most of you probably encountered a “coming soon!” website and perhaps felt a tinge of annoyance. Why have a website at all if it’s not yet ready to be seen, you may have asked. Well, here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Even a “coming soon” website has SEO value. When it goes live, it will be picked up by search engines through the keywords that were used in its making. That way, once the website is already live, much of the SEO waiting period is already over.
  • An attractive “coming soon” page can show your potential site visitors that you mean business and that they should check you out in the future. If you really impress them with a good-looking page, they are likely to keep you in mind.
  • A “coming soon” website is better than no website at all! What serious business or organization can allow themselves to exist nowadays with absolutely no online presence?

With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that a “coming soon” page is a temporary solution that shouldn’t cost you too much time and effort. You can quickly set up a perfectly good page using one of these “coming soon” templates.


Coming Soon Templates

“Coming soon” templates available on Wix

If you want to see what a great “coming soon” website looks like, check out how Wix users are doing it with style:

Crimson Pumpkin >>

Crimson Pumpkin


Artery >>


Dotwed >>


Manu Marchandeau >>

Manu Marchandeau


Itsy Bitsy Trading >>

Itsy Bitsy


I Love my Movie >>

I love my Movie


iSmoke >>



L’ Ap Hero >>

L'ap Hero


Moofio >>



My Better Body >>

My Better Body


Naylou >>



Noa + Micah >>

Noa and Micah


UTE Shop >>

UTE Shop


Pretty Lace Dress >>

Pretty Lace Dress

Brandyn Shaw >>

Brandyn Shaw


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