15 Gorgeous and Lovey-Dovey Wedding Websites for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the web! It’s Valentine’s Day, the weekend is just about to kick off, and we’re getting fully immersed in the romantic vibe. To celebrate the day of love we decided to share one of the best aspects of our work – the fun of helping happy couples with setting up a gorgeous wedding website all by themselves.

Wix is proud to offer couples that are getting ready to tie the knot the option to create a beautiful website that acts simultaneously as an online wedding invitation, an interactive engagement album, and a virtual symbol of their love – all in one. The happy couple can choose from our pool of wedding website templates and design their site together. At the end it looks something like this (get ready to awwwwww):

Sam and Ray >>

Felix and Cecy >>

Eleanor and Tim >>

Ariel and Omri >>

Virginie & Christophe >>

Briana and Mathew >>

Dini and Sathia >>

Heather and Matt >>

Jenny and Andy >>

Karen and Elena >>

Niel and Sumari >>

Suzie and Adam >>

Robert and Jaime >>

Sara and Kevin >>

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