How to Make a Smarter Website with Wix’s List Builder

How to Make a Smarter Website with Wix’s List Builder

Are you ready for a clever feature that will revamp your website? Meet the List Builder, a tool inside the Wix website builder that can save you a whole lot of time and make it easy for you to organize your site’s content beautifully.

Using the List Builder is a win-win. For the website’s owner, it provides an easy and convenient way to edit and present content. For the website’s visitors, it offers a clear and orderly organization of ideas and links.

This feature is basically a preset for content presentation. The idea is simple – lists provide you with a way to manage a series of content items together. Sounds basic, but this feature can actually be used with so many different types of information, you will be amazed when you see how powerful it is.

What the List Builder Can Do for You

Here are just a few ideas for using the List Builder feature.

  • News Posts: Display brief updates on your homepage.

  • Events: Promote upcoming real-life meetups.

  • Food Menus: Show off the delicious edibles that you offer.

list builder5

  • FAQs: Explain and guide your website’s visitors with valuable info.

  • Products and Product Catalogs: Boost your online store with great product display.

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  • Rooms: Get visitors excited with photos of accommodation types on your tourism website.

  • Team Members: Introduce your team to potential partners to emphasize how personable your company is and build trust.

  • Video Galleries: Stream a bunch of your YouTube videos directly on your website.

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  • Real Estate: Present current available home or rental listings to prospective clients.

  • Manifesto: Explain your personal or brand vision to website visitors, broken down into sections.

  • And so much more. The options are practically endless!

How to Use the List Builder

Adding and editing lists on your Wix website is super easy. Just follow these steps:

  • In the Wix Editor, click “Add” in the left-side menu, and choose “List Builder.

  • ”Choose the type of list you want to add. You can use one of the presets or build a new list with the Blank option.

list builder2

  • Click on the list to edit the settings. You can edit specific items or add new ones.

  • The various editing options depend on the type of list that you added. Some lists have photos, icons, special text fields and so forth.

list builder3

  • In the Design tab of the List Builder settings, you can control the appearance and layout of the list.

  • In the Options tab, you can set up links and give your list a title.

  • Once your list is all ready, click “Save,” and then go to Preview to test it.

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