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Wix Updates \ JAN 28th 2014

Presenting: The Winners of the #MyWixSite Instagram Challenge!

Just a couple weeks ago we launched the #MyWixSite Instagram Challenge and invited all proud Wix website owners to take part. With over 3,500 entries from 15 different countries – we couldn’t have been more blown away by what came in!

A quick recap of the rules:

  • Present your URL in an creative way
  • Post it to Instagram
  • Use the hashtag: #MyWixSite

…And the prizes:


Without further ado, here are the winners!

1st Place

Krista Darling

Krista went above and beyond for this challenge. She presented her URL not only in an original way, but also managed to capture the essence of her website and her unique art. She even provided a fun video showing the process behind her creation. Here’s what she had to say about her quick vid: “Watch the making of my newest painting created in honor of my Wix website! 2 days of sleep deprivation condensed down into 15 seconds. (Sorry, no music due to contest entry rules and artist copyright ). Thank YOU @wix for creating such a fun contest and allowing me the opportunity to enter! This has pushed my imagination and I’ve enjoyed the experience :)

2nd Place

The Forest Cantina

What can we say? We’re suckers for beautiful puff pastry art. The Forest Cantina put together 20 carefully formed letters, baked them to perfection and arranged them to clearly spell out their website and what it’s all about. Although time and great care was taken to make this, you almost wouldn’t know from what they had to say about it: “Was so nice having a little project today. Thanks for having such a great platform for us not so savvy computer people to make sites on. I enjoyed the process of creating my website.”

3rd Place

With so many amazing entries, it was no easy task choosing just five submissions for this prize. Naturally, the only thing to do was grant six 3rd place awards instead. All entries have been placed in alphabetical order because we love them all equally.

Austin Hein Productions


Jennifer Hom Photography

Speed Syndicate


The Wheel Vintage

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