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Wix Updates \ DEC 10th 2013

From Beta to NASDAQ: Memorable Wix Milestones

As some of you may have heard, about a month ago Wix.com went public on the Nasdaq stock market. This is a huge step that marks a new era for the company, and we could not have done this without the support and the faith of our amazing users (40 millions and counting!).

As we’re approaching a new stage in Wix’ path to revolutionize the web, we want to invite all of our users to a walk down memory lane with us. Let’s remember the greatest moments we shared in the past few years.

October 2006 – Wix Is Founded!

More than seven years ago, Wix made its first baby steps in the online industry. The goal was ambitious but clear – we wanted to change the way people think about websites.

June 2008 – Launching the First Beta Version

The very first Wix editor is introduced to the world! With a crew of about 30 people, we were experimenting, tweaking and upgrading the platform based on users’ feedback. Today Wix has over 400 employees, spread all over the world. We’re still as committed to listening to our users’ feedback as we were back then.

Open Beta

June 2009 – One Million Users

Surely enough, only a year after the launch, Wix already had one million users on board. It gave us confidence that there really is demand for DIY web publishing platforms. People were eager to make their own websites and we were there to provide the technology that enables it.

Wix Celebrates 1 Million Users

August 2010 – Introducing the Wix Lounge

As part of our commitment to serve the community of web enthusiasts, we launched the most amazing co-working space in the wonderful city of New York. The Wix Lounge is now a home for professionals of many fields and industries. The Lounge offers them an opportunity to work in a cutting-edge and creative environment for free. And the coffee is on us!

Wix Lounge Is Here

December 2010 – Wix Worldwide

We started with Spanish, Portuguese came next, then French, Italian, Japanese… and bam! The Wix Editor is now available in 10 different languages! We’re constantly working on adding more languages and broaden the Wix international community. If you want Wix to speak your own language, post your request on the Wix Wishlist

Wix Spanish Editor

Wix Portuguees Editor

Wix French Editor

Wix German Editor

Wix Polish Editor

Wix Italian Editor


Wix Russian Editor

Wix Korean Editor

June 2011 – 10 Million Users Changing the Web

Yes, that’s right. Three years after the launch of the very first version, the Wix user count hit the 10 million mark. Wix was now officially a major player in the industry, and as we grew and grew, our ability to boost the platform’s functionality grew as well. 20, 30 and 40 million users followed soon afterwards.

Wix Celebrates 10 Million Users

Wix Celebrates 40 Million Users

March 2012 – Wix Goes HTML5

A game-changing moment – not only for Wix, but for the entire industry. Wix became the only web publishing platform that offered both Flash and HTML websites. With the experience we gathered over the last years and the power of HTML5, Wix websites became better, faster and more beautiful.

New HTML5 Editor is launched

October 2012 – Meet the Wix App Market

The ultimate upgrade to the Wix platform – the Wix App Market offers dozens of curated apps that can be seamlessly  integrated to your Wix website. These apps help you add amazing functionalities to your website, based on your specific needs.  Whether you want to generate more traffic, market your products on social networks or measure your campaigns’ success – we’ve got the apps for that! You can also add member log-ins, your social media feeds, Google AdSense, the list goes on and on. The App Market takes Wix websites to another level, and we keep adding more and more apps every day!

Wix App Market

November 2013 – Wix Is Trading on NASDAQ!

So now that we’re on NASDAQ, we are officially public. But the truth is that Wix was always a public venture, because we’re here to cater to your needs and make sure that your websites are as beautiful and as professional as possible.

Wix Went Public

Ready for the Future Ahead

These are exciting times at Wix.com. We’re working hard to keep bringing you the best product we can deliver. As we continue to grow, we want our users to be active in the process. You can always come to us with questions and requests – either on the Wix Forum, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We started this together with you guys, and we want to thank you all for being a part of the Wix journey. We still have many destinations to conquer, so we do hope that you stick around.

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