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Photography \ DEC 19th 2013

Super Creative DIY’s To Replace Expensive Photography Gear

Photography is a hobby that can get quite pricey, but that shouldn’t stop passionate photographers – professional or amateur – from pursuing their love of snapping. Fortunately for all camera fans with a limited budget, innovative experts are happy to share their tips for DIY camera accessories.

That’s right – no need to take a mortgage on your house! You can improve your photography quality on the cheap. We gathered a list of creative and useful guides for making your own photography gear with minimum costs. You just need to follow the steps and you got yourself pro-level accessories!  Hats off to the great minds who published these awesome photography hacks. Sharing is caring!

10 DIY Guides for Homemade Affordable Photography Gear

Homemade Flash Diffuser from Cardboard, by Digital Camera World >>

Handmade Flash Diffuser

Hazy Image Effect with a Sandwich Bag, by Handimania >>

Hazy Photo Sandwich Bag Trick


Triggertrap Mobile Shutter Remote >>



12 Creative Ways to Make a Camera Strap, by lil blue boo >>

Creative Camera Strap


Custom-Built Macro Add-On, by Alexey Kljatov >>

DIY Macro Add On


20 Amazing Ideas for Backdrops and Backgrounds, via It’s Always Automn >>

DIY Backdrops


DIY Ring Light for Your Mobile Phone, via LifeHacker


Handmade Lens Cap Pouch, by Adventures of Our Fami-Ly

Handmade Lens Cap Pouch


Lifesaving Rainproof Camera Bag, by CNET >>

Rainproof Camera Bag


DIY Camera Jib Crane by Olivia Tech >>

DIY Camera Jib

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