The 10 Most Popular Apps from the Wix App Market in 2013!

When the Wix App Market was launched about a year ago, two amazingly powerful changes took place in the Wix platform:

  • Wix users could now integrate a huge variety of 3rd-party Apps to their websites. With the App Market, the possibilities to improve your website’s functionality massively expanded and they just keep growing!

  • Developers and tech companies could now be a part of the Wix family, making their services available to more than 42 million users worldwide.

2013 was a successful year for the Wix App Market. As the variety of Apps grows, Wix users continue to enjoy new features and services. We’re looking forward to adding more amazing Apps in 2014, but before we switch to a new year we want to acknowledge the most popular Apps this past year:

Instagram Feed>>

The world’s most successful visual social network is big with Wix users as well. The Instagram Feed App allows you to showcase your Instagram pics directly on your website. This is a great way to continuously update your website without the hassle of downloading and uploading photos.

Form Builder>>

Forms are a great way to interact with your website’s visitors, and the Form Builder App by 123ContactForm is a powerful tool for creating them. You get to choose the type of form, design itto match your website’s look & feel, and add questions that are relevant to your field. The forms integrate seamlessly with Wix websites and open up an amazing channel of communication.

Tint Social Feeds>>

Instead of getting each social feed separately and trying to design them so they somehow look good together, the Tint Social Feeds App simply aggregates one beautiful feed that displays info from any network you want. An incoming stream of fresh content that looks great directly on your website? – success!


A life-saving app for small businesses who can’t afford setting up their own customer support platform. With LiveChat, you can provide your website visitors live support services and assist them in real time. By proving to your clients that you are trustworthy and that you care about their satisfaction, you can increase sales and customer retention.

Shopify Store>>

What happens when you integrate the best eCommerce tool with the best web publishing platform? You get a powerful online store that sells. The combination of Shopify and Wix is a natural one – beautiful design, attractive product display and intuitive inventory management. That’s how you set up a successful online store.

Google AdSense>>

Monetize your website and maximize revenue with Google’s AdSense App. The world’s leading algorithm for online ad placement is just one click away from your own website. The best thing? You remain in charge – you can control the ads that appear on your site and you can choose to stop the service whenever you want.


If you want your website to grow and attract more visitors, you need to be able to monitor your website’s statistics and learn from them. Web-Stat is a great App for tracking and analyzing your site’s info. It grants you access to all kinds of data that are crucial to understanding what brings people to your site and how you can bring in even more.

Appointment Scheduler>>

To book as many appointments with clients as possible, you need to provide them a tool for immediate scheduling. vCita’s Appointment Scheduler App does exactly that. This handy App makes sure you will never again miss out on business lead because you weren’t available on the phone, and it lets you manage your schedule easily and conveniently.


Aren’t you curious to hear what you website visitors have to say? This is why the Comments App is so successful – it opens a possibility for site owners and site visitors to interact. If you have an online shop, you can use the Comments App to get reviews and feedback from customers.

Google Event Calendar>>

Your site visitors will not miss out your exciting events if they actually know when they are supposed to take place. That’s why the Google Event Calendar is so helpful for performers, venues, lecturers, galleries and other professionals and businesses that work according to a changing schedule. If you app it, they will come.

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