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15 Online Shops for Your Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Have you been slacking this year? Did you just hear of an unexpected guest for your event? Got a late invitation to a Christmas party? No need to panic! You still have enough time to shop for Christmas gifts with style.

The problem with late Christmas shopping is that you end up compromising instead of purchasing gifts that you actually like. Not this year! We created a list of 15 online stores for your last-minute Christmas shopping. On these shops you can find unique gifts that have character. You will definitely find some great gifts while browsing these beautiful websites (all created with Wix, of course!).

Enjoy your shopping and have a merry Christmas!

Jewels by MLM >>

Beautiful hand-made jewelry is a great gift for people who love to shine. The MLM jewelry studio designs pieces that are nontraditional but still very classy.

Jewels by MLM

Sweetaboo >>

A gorgeous basket of dried fruits – who’s going to say no to that? Sweetabo has an amazing selection of yummi and healthy bites. Combined with their special holiday packaging, this makes for a really wonderful gift.


Sally Bee Cookbook>>

If you have friends or relatives that are kitchen enthusiasts, they will definitely appreciate this Sally Bee cookbook as a gift. Because let’s face it, the holiday season is mostly about food, right?

Sally Bee

Rezin Wood >>

Wooden sunglasses may sound like a strange concept, but if you go over Rezin Wood’s website you’ll see that it’s actually a pretty rad look.

Rezin Wood

Retro Wrist Watches by Cheap n Shop >>

This is a sweet gift for anyone who grew up in the 80’s or anyone who appreciates a little retro chic. And let’s not forget that watches are pretty practical too.

Cheap n Shop
Dave Sharp’s Art >>

If you want to pamper someone with a tremendous gift, an original art piece is a present that really shows you care. If you don’t know where to start with art, we suggest you check out Dave Sharp. His works not only beautiful, you also don’t have to be a billionaire to actually be able to afford them.

Dave Sharp

Garnier Epicerie Fine >>

Now, why don’t you spoil someone you love with goods delivered from Paris?  Fancy chocolates, pastries, prestigious drinks – you can get all of those right here on this store!

Garnier Epicerie Fine

Cute Paper Goods from I am Cute Shop >>

Little girls will love this store and everything on it. Their adorable designs turn even the most mundane stationary products into a fun adventure.

I am Cute Shop

Newborn Clothing from Clothes and Notes>>

If you’re shopping for a family with babies or toddlers, you don’t want to miss out on Clothes and Notes’ collection. It’s almost too cute.

Clothes and Notes

No Love Lost NZ >>

Looking for something edgy? This grunge accessory shop is a good destination for that. Jewelry, bags, clothing articles and more – all designed to stand out in a crowd.

No Love Lost NZ

Loose Clothing >>

Either male or female, everyone appreciates a quality t-shirt with a unique print on it. Loose Clothing are experts in making clothes that feel loose and look great.

Loose Clothing

Ladyuly >>

Pillows with a twist – that’s what this store is all about. You’ll find regular square pillows with funky prints, but if you’re looking for something truly unforgettable, we suggest the log-shaped one.


Bib and Tucker Studios >>

Fathers are always the hardest family members to buy gifts to, but that’s where Bib & Tucker’s beautiful men fashion comes in handy. Because even dads need to look classy!

Bib and Tucker

Chloe’s Secret Closet >>

Beautiful jewelry pieces that work both for a young and an adult crowd. Chloe’s Secret Closet is open for you, so come in and do some shopping.

Chloe's Secret Closet

Designs by Kariniti >>

Here’s a unique piece of home decor that anyone with style will know to appreciate – Kariniti’s awesome airplane mobile. Check out her website for more awesome works.

Kariniti Studio



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