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Design Inspiration \ DEC 18th 2013

Insider Web Design Tips from Wix Pro Lisa Erickson

When planning and building your website, you might find yourself wishing you could get help from a professional designer who knows Wix well. Now you’ve found her. San Francisco’s Lisa Erickson is a Wix Pro who helps other Wix users design their websites. She’s an active member of the Wix Arena, a virtual community marketplace where people can hire freelance designers to help them create or redesign their Wix sites. When it comes to web design, Lisa has strong opinions and great tips for creating a powerful online presence. We’ll let her take it from here. Click here to learn more about Lisa and see her portfolio >>

What’s the best web design tip you can share with Wix users?

Make text and image placement as consistent as possible throughout the site. Try to view your site through the eyes of someone who has no idea what your business is about and who is not tech savvy. Let a little of your personality through without losing the professionalism of the site.

QT Paws

Check out QT Paws and see how Lisa keeps a consistent layout

What’s the most common design mistake that you see in web design that you’d like to eliminate?

Too much carbon copy design. It prevent sites from being effective and interesting.

What’s the first step you take when creating a website?

I usually begin the website process by listening closely to the client, asking questions about what they want to accomplish and what is working or not working for them now. Then I look at the known elements, such as the logo and existing marketing materials, if any. I test the design on a page with complicated content to make sure it holds up before building out the rest of the site.

Where do you find your design inspiration from?

So many places – exploring fellow designers’ work, looking at storefront signage and perusing Pinterest for modern and vintage examples. I am lucky to be surrounded by a varied collection of vintage advertising posters at home – I find the color combinations and font play enchanting.

Lisa Erickson on Pinterest

Do you have a favorite design trend?

I am really enjoying typography with wide swatches of texture. I am incorporating both into my new and improved graphic design website.

Lisa Erickson's Wix Website

Check out Lisa’s Portfolio and see how she incorporates this trend into her design

What’s your tip for keeping a website looking fresh without a full-on redesign?

I love Tint. Available through the Wix App Market, this tool automatically updates your page with Facebook posts, blog posts, or an aggregate of social media feeds. This keeps your site fresh without having to make any edits directly. And the feed is so pretty!

Tint feed

Tint feed on WatotoWorld’s Website designed by Lisa

Why do you like using Wix?

Wix allows me to design without the limitations of coding and style sheets. If my client wants to move a photo towards the left, for example, I can show her immediately – without breaking the style sheets or causing havoc on the other pages. What’s your favorite Wix app of the moment and why? I am quite fond of SimpleBooklet these days. I’ve been using it to create everything from interactive web banners, to promotional brochures with call-to-action buttons built in, to mini tailored portfolios I can email to clients. The app has a lot of design flexibility and the search engines pick up the text. I’m in love!

Which Wix website that you designed is your favorite and why?

That’s a difficult question, but I would have to choose WatotoWorld. Simmie, the woman who has helped so many orphans in Kenya, is a delightful person, and the uplifting approach she has chosen to take is inspiring. Our main goal was to highlight the resiliency and potential of the children, triggering emotion through hope and love rather than pity. I feel connected to each child after editing their photos and stories – filled with laughter, humor, and compassion for one another.


What’s your biggest challenge in working with clients, and how do you overcome it?

Often the toughest part is helping them express what they want to achieve with their design. Branding is difficult for people to wrap language around in general. Throw the dynamic nature of a website into the mix, and people can feel overwhelmed. Lately I’ve been using Pinterest’s Secret Boards to explore inspiration. It’s helpful, because all the options are easily compared, and my clients can leave detailed comments. This is much easier than sifting through emails and trying to piece together what the client wants.

Pinterest Secret Boards

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