Showcase of 10 Wix Websites Based on a Single Music Template

One of the most distinctive looking templates available on Wix, “My Band Website” has been designed with the specific needs of musicians in mind. Today’s musicians are happy to find solutions that allow them to control their own careers and branding without spending huge amounts of time bogged down in non-music matters. In this context, My Band Website is an awesome springboard for getting your act online.

The “My Band Website” template has dedicated areas of the homepage for large images, lists of gigs and streaming audio. Stylized internal pages give you intuitive spots for photo galleries, bio blurbs of the band members, album sales and a contact form.

Using the Wix Editor, it’s easy to  transform this template into your own personalized and beautiful online presence. From here you can integrate any number of apps to your website, based on your specific needs: You can embed a SoundCloud player, add video galleries, link to your band’s iTunes store or sell digital products.

When you start working with it, “My Band Website” features strong, moody colors and angled shapes that interact with the background image – a great starting point for a music-themed web presence, which demands a user experience that’s high-concept. But that’s just the beginning. Check out the following showcase to see how different Wix users customized this template into their own unique websites.

Original Template

My Band >>

Token >>

Ben Baxter Band >>

Rubedo Music >>

Electric Suitcase >>

Lubik >>

Luca Janovitz >>

Michael Malak >>

Paige Nichols >>

Skyline Drive >>

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