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Small Business Tips \ NOV 25th 2013

5 Great Hooks to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

What’s better than getting people to buy what you’re selling? How about getting  the very same people to buy from you again and again?

But how do you get people to revisit your website and be reminded of your services? The challenge you are facing as a small business owner is creating a “sticky” website: a website so rich in content and features, and so well organized, that visitors cannot resist the temptation to revisit it over and over.

In order to achieve stickiness, you need to plant  ‘hooks’ on your website that keep generating interest. The good news is that these hooks don’t have to be expensive. In fact, they can be extremely cost-effective. The main resources you will need are time and creativity. Here are some great ideas you can start implementing right away:

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Fresh Content

When visitors to your site know that you’ve got new things to show them on a regular basis, they’ll come back over and over to see what the latest is. This goes for new blog posts, new image galleries, new products – everything, really!

Adding a “New” badge to banners, buttons and clickable images promoted to your homepage can help convey to customers that you’re adding content all the time, so they’ll start anticipating the next update. This is especially true if they see a product with a “New for December!” badge directly above a product with a “New for November!” badge, for example.

5 Great Hooks to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

Adding Testimonials

In the minds of many users, the world wide web is a scary place filled with scams and predators, so any measures you can take to show off the good reputation you have will go a long way. You need to constantly publish new blurbs submitted by customers talking about what a great and honest business you operate, as well as how wonderful your products are in terms of usefulness, quality and value. There are some great apps available that can help you keep the flow of testimonials coming – and help you to display them beautifully.

This helps to encourage the (hopefully true) impression that your business is consistently delighting a growing community of satisfied customers.

5 Great Hooks to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

Video Libraries

Whether you are selling a product or a service, there’s always more you can do with video content, which is considered by experts to be the stickiest of all content types.

Don’t let perfection stand in your way – the videos don’t need to have the highest production value. They just need to look decent, be written well and have good sound. You can even capture raw footage with your smartphone and send it to an inexpensive editing service to put together the final cuts for you with branded bumpers.

The videos can elaborate on any number of aspects of what you offer. Here are some good starting points:

  • Demonstrate unexpected uses, or “best practices” uses of your products and services.
  • Show off the craftsmanship involved with your creations.
  • Explain the wisdom and dedication to quality that drives what you do.
  • Tell stories about how your business has evolved.

With enough high-quality video content on your site, users will want to return over and over to see more.

5 Great Hooks to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

Timely Discounts

When you offer timely discounts on a regular basis, clients gradually start to expect and to look out for them. This time of year, for example, you could do well by promoting seasonal holiday shopping discounts. You can honor these discounts with coupon codes, social sharing incentives, or even just with manual adjustments to your inventory and its pricing settings. The key is to come up with the right offers, so you can motivate sales without excessively harming your profitability.

An audience member who knows to expect that an exciting “Deal of the Month” will be promoted on your homepage is an audience member who makes sure to check out your latest offer every few weeks.

5 Great Hooks to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

Dynamic Design

Google’s “Doodle” feature, i.e., surprising and fun visual changes that are occasionally made to the Google logo, is a fantastic example of website stickiness. Doodles can become the talk of the day and people want to make sure they don’t miss them.

True, your small business cannot compete with Google but there is a lot that you can learn from this example. If you can come up with a visual element that can be updated periodically on your site, users will be curious about what you’ve done with it next. This can take the form of an inspirational quote, if you feel this would resonate with your audience. If you’re a photographer, you can post a “Photo of the Week.” If you’re a marketing consultant, consider posting cryptic teaser banners linking to your “Daily Creative Marketing Case Study.” There’s no end to what you can do with dynamic visuals.

5 Great Hooks to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

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