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Web Design \ OCT 22nd 2013

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros to Share on Twitter

The idea of designing a website can leave many bewildered. You might feel comfortable enough working with the Wix website editor to create your own site, but designing with confidence is a challenge unto itself.

How should you decide how many pages to include? What are the latest design trends to watch out for? Where can you get good images to use? What should the colors be? How much text should there be on each page? Where should the call-to-action buttons go? Get un-baffled with these awesome tips that we’ve compiled from the wisdom of the professional designer community known as the Wix Arena.

1. Emulate Your Favorites

Gather as many example websites as you can and create a design that implements those sites’ best features. – unraveledmedia


Rochester, New York-based design pro unraveledmedia, who also specializes in search marketing and copywriting, suggests that you start by browsing around the web for a few hours. Once you’ve compiled your favorite designs, make a list of the design elements that you find so inspiring on these sites and see what makes sense for incorporating similar ideas into your own design.

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros

unraveledmedia’s Portfolio Website

2. Use Accent Colors

Use accent colors that make the page pop and set it apart from the rest of the crowd – make it appealing to the eye, yet not overbearing. mikeyork


A professional 3D animator and a Wix design pro, Colorado’s mikeyork likes using muted color palettes to make web pages easy on the eye overall – and then introducing a sharper color sparingly, to draw the eye to where it belongs. For example, designing most of a page in cobalt and charcoal tones, and then adding a green to just your logo and your call-to-action buttons, can create a user experience that’s not too hectic but still makes it clear where visitors are meant to click.

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros

Designer mikeyork’s Homepage

3. Hold Back on Typefaces

Limit your fonts to just a few per page. Too many styles can draw attention away from your products. – illustrateddomain


A designer from Bay Area who prides herself on fast turnaround and eCommerce expertise, illustrateddomain says it’s best to resist the temptation to go wild with typography. While you do want your site visitors to feel like they’ve entered a world drenched with style, you don’t want that style to speak louder than the substance of your content!

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros

The Well Hung Hangers Website, Designed by illustraddomain

4. Less Is Still More

Remember to use key elements to communicate your idea. Keep it simple, and get straight to the point. – studio14ecuador


Forget what you’ve been told about the latest trending design styles – the timeless principles of design are as useful today as they’ve ever been. Ecuadorian designer studio14ecuador has a passion for bold yet minimalist design, often creating pages with huge images, one or two buttons or logos and few other elements. The result is a sense of lots of breathing room, clear focus and solid strength.

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros

Itssimo’s Site, Designed by studio14ecuador

5. Achieve Bliss with Symmetry

Symmetry creates a sense of order. Having too many ideas placed around a page can confuse your viewer. – trward321


Hailing from the Garden State, trward321 strives to create layouts with balance. Echoing the advice of studio14ecuador, trward321 recommends de-cluttering your pages to enable symmetrical page design. What should you do if you need to include more content? “Reduce pages and then add sub-pages within that category – not links cluttering the space,” he says.

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros

trward321’s Design Portfolio Site

6. Build From the Background Out

Select backgrounds that work in harmony with the site, not in competition with it, and visitors will find your material much more accessible and useful. – webdesignbyjenn


“Your background is the keystone of your design,” asserts webdesignbyjenn, a Utah-based design pro who also offers video content, social media and email marketing services. Just don’t let the keystone take over visitors’ attention: “It’s hard to go wrong with a simple color like white for the background of your website. A bright, white background makes it easier to read text; it also appears more professional.”

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros

webdesignbyjenn’s Site for Mike Martelli

7. No Such Thing as Overdoing Usability

Think about how user friendly your site should be. Remember even though it’s a new age, not EVERYone knows how to navigate a website. – artisticmarketing


Make sure your navigation interface is transparent and inviting, says artisticmarketing, a web designer from Florida. Why should you make visitors to your site feel challenged to understand where they ought to be clicking? The answer is that you shouldn’t! If there’s any “friction” in the user experience, then you are likely to lose out on business opportunities.

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros

Artist Claire Hempsted’s Website, Designed by artisticmarketing

8. Build a Project Timetable

Create deadlines, so that you stay motivated and get things done in a timely manner! – lmdesign


Working as a freelance designer in South Carolina since 2009, lmdesign recognizes that the creative process can often be too immersive. Successful design requires balancing freeform creativity with your focus on efficient productivity. To keep your eyes on the prize, map out the various stages in your website building project, building plenty of buffers into the timetable but enabling you to make progress from benchmark to benchmark.

8 Fresh Web Design Tips from Wix Pros

lmdesign’s Work for Shaw Auctions

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