5 Amazing Illustrators You Need to Check Out

The world of illustration encompasses so many different styles and purposes that it can be hard to pin down. Great illustration can include squiggly pencil doodles for magazine margins, brushed ink renderings for greeting cards, digital pop drawings for posters and woodcut prints for children’s books. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Thankfully, as a publishing platform made for creative expression, Wix is a great solution for illustrators seeking to create online portfolios, so our community of users includes some amazing examples. Below are some of our favorite Wix-built illustrator websites, which make the case for the staggering levels of skill and variety in the illustration industry.

We find the creativity of these guys, of their work and of their portfolio websites, to be inspiring.

Enocch >>

Japanese artist Enocch describes himself as an “illustration designer.” He works in watercolors and acrylics, which he then digitizes and manipulates on his computer. His imaginative and colorful images of treehouses and people wandering in packs suggest a utopian future where humans and nature live in balance.

Erica Calardo >>

An accomplished illustrator and painter, Erica Calardo is also a major achiever in the world of academics, having received advanced degrees in Philosophy and Mathematical Logic from prestigious European institutes of higher learning. Her drawings, which she calls “windows on the solitude of lost souls,” have been displayed in galleries of Melbourne, San Francisco, Rome, Orlando and beyond.

Patrick Thomas Parnell >>

​Educated in New Jersey, Florida-based illustrator and teacher Patrick Thomas Parnell mixes digital with acrylic painting and washes of house paint. Parnell has been commissioned to create one-off Batman tributes, indie album covers and the Dungeons and Dragons Strategy Guide. He has also published his own lines of comics and is a major devotee of the comic book art convention circuit.

Eszter Schall >>

A “digital painter” from Hungary, Eszter Schall’s work boasts quirky characters and deliciously grungy textures. She cites Hungary’s community of creatives as a primary source of inspiration. A true renaissance woman, she sold her first works when still in her teens and today gets commissioned to churn out jewelry, logos, websites and book illustrations.

Shane McGowan >>

Australian illustrator Shane McGowan has won several jury prizes for his work, which has appeared in major publications like Cosmopolitan, Time Out, Marie Claire and The Guardian, and in books from publishers like Penguin, Oxford, MacMillan and Yale. He’s currently working on an animated series based on some of his own books.

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