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Wix Updates \ SEP 25th 2013

Creativity at Work – the Wix Lounge Becomes a Gallery

Wix’s status as a home for creative expression is well established in the online world. Throughout September, we further strengthened this link offline, hosting an especially intriguing multidisciplinary art exhibition and related events at the Wix Lounge New York.

Japanese painter Tomo Mori’s abstract shapes have been gracing the walls of various public spaces in New York and elsewhere for several years, employing multi-colored and multi-sized “pixels” to inspire introspection and emotional reactions (here’s a wonderful video that demonstrates her vision).

Artist Tomo Mori working at the Wix Lounge NY

Artist Tomo Mori working at the Wix Lounge NY. Photo by Galo Delgado

Following successful exhibitions at venues including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, the Dwyer Center and Rogue Space Chelsea, Mori presented some of her more recent works at the Wix Lounge, including a series of five collages called “Aggregate.”

A co-working space that aims to serve as a hub for New York’s more creative web workers, The Wix Lounge commonly hosts exhibits of artists whose portfolio websites have been built using Wix. But Mori’s exhibit is different, as it includes a site-specific component – a series of thousands of colorful dots covering the glass panels that frame the Lounge’s central 300-square-foot conference room.

Artist Tomo Mori at the Wix Lounge NY

Mori making colorful gestures as Wix Lounge guests are coworking. Photo by Galo Delgado

It was Ashley Williams, the Lounge’s events manager, who had the idea to take the original creative collaboration a step further. She introduced Mori to two more artistic Wix fanatics, dancer Kyla Ernst-Apler and fashion designer Alisha Trimble. On September 16, Ernst-Apler performed an interpretive dance piece inside the glass room, bringing her impressions of Mori’s dots to life through movement while wearing a dress specifically designed for the performance by Trimble.

Mori is inspired by having been granted the opportunity to expose her work to new audiences via new formats. “This collaboration between art, dance, fashion and technology opens doors to so many possibilities,” she said. “With the Wix event, I’ve been able to reach out to so many different groups of people, and that’s extremely exciting for me.”

Dancer Kyla Ernst-Apler at the Wix Lounge NY

Dancer Kyla Ernst-Apler engages visitors of the Tomo Mori exhibition. Photo by Galo Delgado

The artist is likewise thrilled by the synergy between the Wix Lounge’s creative warmth and the process of painting the transparent panels. “I spent approximately 25 hours on the glass wall installation,” she noted. “I enjoyed every minute, being in such a focused atmosphere. People I had conversations with were extremely innovative – it was great to exchange the good energy while working at the Wix Lounge.”

Mori’s exhibit remains open at the Lounge until the end of the month, but the venue already has a full schedule of great events on offer throughout October.

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