Back to School Special: School Uniforms Then and Now

Hard to believe it, but back to school season is already afoot, and here at Wix, we’ve prepared this special themed photo showcase to celebrate.

While most of the world’s pupils are not required to wear uniforms as part of their schools’ dress codes, uniforms are arguably the strongest visual association we have with the world of youth education. We’re talking pleated plaid skirts, navy blazers with school logos, neckties with diagonal stripes, silkscreened polo shirts, pointed beanies, culottes, Eton collars and, of course, knee-high white socks.

Many associate the stuffier, more traditional styles of uniforms commonly required at prep schools with the fat cats of society. Ironically, when they were first introduced, at the British “charity schools” of the late 1500s, uniforms were designed for the common folk to wear.

Today, the school uniform debate remains unresolved, with advocates citing benefits like discipline, fostering an “all about business” focus on learning, school pride and the minimization of of distractions and inequalities. Opponents, on the other hand, argue that school uniforms encourage conformity at a critical time when individualism ought to be nurtured.

Say what you will about the value of strict dress codes in education, but they sure do make for interesting photos. Some of our favorites, from around the world and spanning the generations, appear below.

Contemporary School Uniform for English Students

Posh School Uniform from Kenya

Japanese Students Enjoying Time Off

If You Ever Go Down Under, this Is the Style of the High School Uniform You Will Find

Cuban Schools Use this Cute Version of the School Uniform

The Swanky Uniforms of the Mandela School of Science and Technology

Finally! A Casual and Down-to-Earth Version of the School Uniform

All the Cool Kids Wore Yellow Back in the '70s

Could this Classic Uniform be the Best Outfit for a Tennis Match?

Traditional Turkmenistani Folk Dress Used as an Official Uniform at School

Sky-Blue Uniforms at a Vietnamese Junior High School Ceremony

The Japanese Sailor Style School Outfit is Known as "Fuku"

American Catholic Schools are Famous for their Iconic Uniforms

These Guys Seem Energized by their Outfits

School Staff Dressed in Uniform in Late '80s England

Cheerleaders in the 1950s Knew How to Make the Crowd Roar

Contemporary Cheerleaders in Uniform

So What Do You Think? Who Wears it Best?

By The Wix Team

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