Inspiration \ AUG 30th 2013

Best Instagram Pics: #RichKidsOfInstagram Edition

Love them, hate them, envy them, laugh at them – the self-proclaimed rich kids of Instagram are a sensation. Using the hashtag #richkidsofinstagram as a status symbol, they keep posting aggravating pics of themselves in situations only annoying rich people know – admiring the new Ferrari, taking the yacht out for a spin or enjoying VIP seats at some ball game.

The popularity of the hashtag created groups of wannabes and of sarcastic copycats, and in our list of top #richkidsofinstagram pics we included them as well as the original punks. Surly you’ll be able to tell which is which.

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Photo by andykassier

Photo by josiahcheatham

Photo by richkidsofdenmark

Photo by darbidoo

Photo by worldfinestclubs

Photo by boatrentalsmiami

Photo by tofflife

Photo by loveandlables

Photo by ex0tic_car_rentals

Photo by erikamasonhall

Photo by nickkennedy

Photo by micoms

Photo by gmpent

Photo by cocaineandchanel

Photo by richkidsofdenmark

Photo by loveandlables

With all due respect to #richkidsofinstagram, we would rather stay #wixkidsofinstagram:

Photo by backpocketjen

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