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Small Business Tips \ AUG 7th 2013

Self-Made: Success Stories by Videographers and Cinematographers

Videographers and cinematographers often find themselves working in an intensely competitive industry. The constant struggle for funding, worrying about the unsteady workload, having to deal with price-cutting competitors; all these are cinematographers’ daily bread. What keeps many professionals in the game – other than their passion for the lens – is their ability to come up with innovations that give them a winning edge over competitors. This is especially true for industry beginners and ‘one-man’ or small production companies. Breaking into the market requires a strong online presence and a website that can accommodate cinematographers’ special needs: uploading videos, adding interactive and 3D photo galleries, integrating apps like iPlayerHd , Viewbix, Plug&Fund, etc. This is where Wix comes into help, with a free media-rich platform, cutting edge functionalists, and the ability to maintain and update your website on the fly. But don’t take our word from it. Scroll down to read about other videographers’ experiences with Wix or check out Wix Talks to see what our users have to say about us. And oh! If you’re interested in telling your own Wix story, go ahead and drop us a line here

Self-Made: Testimonials and Success Stories of Cinematographers

Rock the Boat Pictures

Osama Hassaballa and Stewart Rawlins, co-founders of Rock the Boat Pictures,grew up on the same South London street, where they shared a dream to create films. They had raised funds for their business by filming live performances of musicians and later on progressed to music video productions. Having learned the business aspects of the video industry, Osama and Stewart decided to open a company and start doing what they knew best: production management, music videos, corporate videos and promotional videos. Word-of-mouth alone was not enough to pay the bills, so the next challenge was to market their business. They needed a website.

After signing up to multiple website builders Osama and Stewart learned two things: 1- they are not web designers and 2- most website builders are extremely hard to use. Hiring a cheap web designer wasn’t an option either: their designs seemed all too generic. That was when they discovered Wix.com.

Wix’s range of professional and creative templates made the job a lot easier and gave the two co-founders a good starting point. Browsing websites that were created by other Wix users gave them with many valuable ideas to experiment with. They were able to set up their website on their own and soon enough they were good to go.

“Our website is an integral part of the business as it is the main port of call for any of our current or potential clients. Without it our professional standing would be greatly affected. It was only when we launched our website that we started to market ourselves. It all grew from then on.”

Osama Hassaballa & Stewart Rawlins, co-founders at Rock the Boat Pictures 

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Self-Made: Testimonials and Success Stories of Cinematographers

Rock the Boat’s Wix website

Mini Mammoth Film

Mini Mammoth Films is a small, East London based production company, owned by three partners. They produce their own films and in addition they do corporate projects to get funding. They’ve produced music videos, comedy, short films, documentaries and more.
Like many businesses, the main challenges the company had to face was marketing and building a reputation. How will their company stand out from the pack? They knew that with their artistry and some momentum, they could be on a very smooth road to success. They were hopeful that a new site will help them to achieve that sooner than later.

Having a good website is like having a beautiful home. It’s the place people visit you to see what you do, so the more attractive and tidy your home is, the more likely people are to take you seriously. The founders of Mini Mammoth Film realized the importance of having an appealing site that can attract new business.

They soon discovered the creative freedom Wix and it a matter of literary a couple of days before they could boast their new website. They learned that the website runs smoothly and easily supports the bulk of videos they uploaded. It turned out to be a cost-effective, flexible solution, enabling a range of functionalities and apps. Having constant 24/7 access to their website also gives them the possibility to update it without any need for a third party professional.

“Wix is helping us greatly with the look of our website. Finally we have something to be proud of to send to prospective clients. The responses so far have been awesome. Old clients are excited to be included on our site and have been eager to re-forge links.”

Marcus J. Richardson, Film Producer and Partner at Mini Mammoth Films
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Self-Made: Testimonials and Success Stories of Cinematographers


Working as a freelance professional, Kevin Andrews has made a name for himself as a powerhouse cinematographer Steadicam operator.  It’s hard for us not to gush about how cool Kevin and his website is. He’s not only done a great job honing his craft, but has mastered the art of creating a beautiful, fully functional, and informative website. It’s impossible to enter his website and not be 100% sure what he’s all about. Press the play button to see his reel and be blown away.
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