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Exciting New Facebook Features to Rock Your Boat

Things are happening on Facebook – good things that not all of you may have noticed. We’re not pointing any fingers! Facebook can be very sneaky when releasing new features, and who can keep up with all of their updates anyway?

The good thing is that you can rely on Wix to sum up the most interesting Facebook news for you. Let’s go through a list of features that will brighten up your day:

Exciting New Facebook Features to Rock Your Boat


New Chat Stickers

Chatting and messaging are now double-the-fun they used to be, all thanks to the amazing set of emoticons that Facebook calls Stickers. The default sets you see when opening a chat or message box are the old-school emoticons, the cutsie Meep faces and the adorable cat Pusheen. BUT! When you click on the small Sticker Store icon you get a huge variety of gorgeous stickers you can add for free.


Exciting New Facebook Features to Rock Your Boat


Newsfeed Upgrades

Facebook is taking one step further in making each and every user’s newsfeed more personalized. The latest in that effort is an upgrade to the newsfeed algorithm that will show the most relevant stories from the user’s network – even if they are not very recent. Facebook discovered that in the clutter of updates, many stories get lost and receive only a limited viewing. Now, older stories will be “bumped” to the top of the newsfeed if Facebook believe the user would not want to miss out on them.

Facebook newsfeed update


Photo Comments on Pages

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, especially if it’s a Grumpy Cat meme that wittily responds to a Facebook thread. Yes, posting images on comment threads is happening. So when you see a post by Wix about tips for food photography, for example, you will be able to jump in and share your own delicious food pics. At the moment, this feature is only available for fan pages and not for personal profiles.


Exciting New Facebook Features to Rock Your Boat


Embedding Posts

Imagine that you want to share a Facebook post with your website visitors. Your options are either to link to it or to upload a screenshot – both not very ideal. Now, Facebook finally allows users to embed entire posts on other platforms. This is brand new and thus only available in limited form, but we can soon expect to embed Facebook everywhere. Everywhere!


Graph Search Is Really Here

After months of hearing about the new Facebook search algorithm, listening to early adopters talking about their experiences, Facebook finally started to roll out this feature to the layman population as well. This feature offers a smart search that pinpoints very detailed bits of information based on your social circles.

For instance, when the author of this post searches for “Movies my friends who like Pizza like” – the results are “Inception”, “Big Fish” “Monsters Inc.” and more. When searching for “Places in New York that Photographers visited” –  the results show Central Park, The Metropolitan and Brooklyn Heights.

Exciting New Facebook Features to Rock Your Boat


Chat Anytime Soon?

About a month ago, a supposedly leaked report about a new Chat Room feature started to circulate. Facebook apparently admits that they are testing chats now, but it remains uncertain whether or not this feature will actually make it to our own screens.  What do you say? Would you even want to have chat rooms available on Facebook?

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