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Promote Your Site \ AUG 20th 2013

Does Your Business Need an Instagram Account?

One thing that clearly marks the success of a brand is when its name is transformed into a verb. Even without knowing the actual numbers behind Instagram, you know it’s a big deal when you hear about people “Instagramming”. In fact, these people are called “Instagrammers”.

Indeed, Instagram is major player in the social networking sphere and it keeps on growing. Despite its reputation, it’s a lot more than a hub for people who want to share their lunch photos. Artists of all kinds use Instagram to promote their works, and even companies and organizations understand the platform’s marketing potential.

Does Your Business Need an Instagram Account?

Check out the creative activities of Oreo on Instagram

But unlike Facebook, Instagram is not for everyone. As a photo-sharing network with a trendy vibe, it can be a powerful addition to the social marketing activities of many brands (we certainly love being active on Instagram). But not all businesses will find Instagram productive and helpful in promoting themselves. In these cases, it’s best to focus on social marketing tools that are more better suited to your business.

Does Your Business Need an Instagram Account?

Have a peek at what Wix has been doing on Instagram

So how do you know if you should invest time and resources on promoting your business on Instagram? Here are a few leading questions that can help you reach the best conclusion.

Can You Make Your Work Look Unique?

Instagram is a visual social network and to succeed there you need to produce posts that are fun or interesting to look at. If you can’t think of a way to create engaging photos on a regular basis, Instagram might not be right for you.

HOWEVER! don’t think that only fashion models or cupcake stores can make good photos. Accounts like shipping company Maersk and writing equipment brand Sharpie show how a seemingly dull brand can create amazing visual content.

Does Your Business Need an Instagram Account?

Hard to believe it but Maerskline makes shipping look like an art form

Does Your Business Need an Instagram Account?

Sharpie takes their markers to a new level of creativity

Do You Have Time to Post Pics Often?

Like any other social network, Instagram requires a certain amount of dedication. You will not be able to gather a real following if you post once a month. If you don’t think you can commit to a regular posting schedule (how often depends more on your type of business and your goals), and if you don’t have time to engage with your followers properly, you might want to avoid posting on Instagram altogether.

Who Is Your Target Market?

Let’s face it, Instagram has a much narrower user base than most social networks. Made up mostly of young, tech-savvy people who enjoy photo-sharing, Instagram’s main audience will not fit every company’s profile.

According to this survey of social networks usage, Instagram users are mostly younger than 35, live in urban areas and are more often female than male. Before you start actively promoting your business on Instagram, you need to ask yourself if these demographics are right for you.

Does Your Business Need an Instagram Account?

Is this your target market? check out popular Hashtags on Instagram to decide.
Photo by mxmlnmrchr, using the popular hashtag #richkidsofinstagram

What Is Your Ultimate “Call to Action”?

A “Call to Action (CTA)” is how businesses and brands prompt clients to take certain actions online. Common CTA’s are asking people to register, download, purchase, bookmark, subscribe, donate, share, like or rate.  As a business owner, you aspire to get as many people as possible to comply with your CTA. Ask yourself, is Instagram a good gateway to do that?

Instagram offers very limited options for posting external links, so it won’t be easy to send people to specific URL’s. On the other side, a creative account can really boost your branding efforts.  You need to make sure that Instagram’s advantages can work to YOUR advantage. Otherwise, you better invest your time and energy on other social platforms.

Does Your Business Need an Instagram Account?

Nike has over 2 million followers on instagram and they use this platform wisely to create user engagement

If you feel that Instagram could be great for your business, go ahead and check out these expert tips for becoming an Instagram master.

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