5 Tips to Kick-Start your Facebook Page

With over a 1.11 billion people using Facebook each month, this online platform can safely be proclaimed as a standalone, unique online nation. On a daily basis, people use Facebook for a variety of reasons – from sharing personal information with friends, to getting updated on their favorite topics to playing games and killing time. Considering the amount of traffic that goes through this social network, starting a Fan Page for a business is one of the smartest marketing moves you can make these days.

A Facebook page enables you to do two things that are essential for any business. Firstly, it lets you spread the word about your product or services and secondly, it makes it possible to have an ongoing conversation with your target audience, hear what they have to say and respond right away.

If you are starting out your business’ Facebook page follow these steps:

#1 Set Up Your Page

Go to the Facebook create page and get started. Have a look at the main categories of the Pages and decide which one is the best match for your business. Choose a main category and click that box, then browse through the categories in the drop-down menu to see which resonates well with your business.

Next, go through the setup process and choose a profile photo. Since it’s a business page, it is best to place your company logo so that people will recognize it and become familiar with your brand.

About section – The first 155 characters on this section are viewable from the top of your Facebook Page which means whatever message you place there will be highly visible. The content should be clear, interesting and keyword rich. When you write it, focus on describing what your business offers and what makes it unique. Also, don’t forget to place a link to your website or other relevant links.

Cover photo – The most fun part of setting up a Page is choosing the Facebook cover photo that’s right for your business. Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a good cover photo – its size and location makes it your page’s prime real estate. Make sure your cover photos emphasizes your messaging and draws people in.

As of recently, all past Facebook rules regarding cover photos are no longer in effect. This means you can have a call to action, add your business’ name/contact information and use as much text as you want (but don’t go crazy, simple and concise is always better).

#2 Get your first 100 Fans

A Facebook page without fans is like an empty theater. Before you call out for the actors to come on stage, make sure some of the seats are filled, to give the place a livelier and welcoming feeling. Don’t invite your clients first, instead, start with the warmer crowd. Send notifications via Facebook to your friends and family, people who know you well and would be happy to support you and your business. Once this inner circle has Liked your page, their friends will be able to see it as well and this alone could send more fans and clients your way. You can also do this by sending out a friendly email message describing what the page is about and what type of content you’ll be posting. Using these methods you should be able to make it to the first 100 fans in no time, giving your page a better look.

#3 Promote your Page on Other Channels

As a Facebook Page grows, there are endless options for tying in the rest of your online strategy to extend your overall online presence. Once the first 100 fans have liked your page, and you’ve started posting updates to keep the page active, it’s time to charge onward.

Email campaign – Create an email campaign to tell clients about your new Facebook page where they can keep in touch and get updated on interesting news. You can use an email service like CakeMail to build up your mailing list and get statistics on the performance of your emails. Email marketing services are a fabulous way to keep organized and get actual information on the success rate of your campaign, including figures for the number of people who opened, clicked or even unsubscribed from your mailing list. Additionally, you can get the Wix App for CakeMail and build campaigns much faster.

Facebook Ads– This rather “new” form of online advertising can definitely enhance your Facebook presence when done right. There are different types of advertisements to test and you can promote anything from your Facebook posts to your website. Click to get a beginner’s guide to Facebook advertising.

#4 Networking – Focus on Building Relationships

It’s important to remember that Facebook is less about promoting products and more about creating conversation with potential clients. To get more business action to come your way, you need to help your page get noticed beyond your immediate circles. As you get started, it means you may need to set out and find your potential fans rather than wait for them to come to you. One way to do that is by visiting other Facebook pages where your target audience might be and get involved in the conversation there. This tactic must be performed gently and respectfully, as to avoid anything that may be perceived as spam.

For example, if you offer photography services for events, a good method would be to visit pages that sell wedding gowns in your area and engage in conversation there. Your audiences are overlapping (but not competing) and there’s a good chance your presence there may even be of use. When in doubt, you can privately contact the owner of the page and ask for their permission. This is also a smart move for building a new connection and even networking or running joint promotions.

#5 Connect Your Website with Facebook

An engaging and well-managed Facebook page can do wonders to a business’ overall marketing efforts. The next thing to do is to use your website to enhance your Facebook presence and vice versa. Connect the two platforms together and enable your clients and fans to have a smooth user experience as they visit your site.

Add these Wix Apps to your site to integrate Facebook features into it:

  • Facebook Comments– add a Facebook comments box directly on your site and enable your site visitors to comment using their Facebook profile. Friends of your visitors who comment will see your site details on their Facebook feeds!

  • Facebook Like– when you use this app, people can Like and comment on your site.

  • Social Bar– connect visitors to all your social networks instantly and make sure you meet them in other online places where you are active.

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