2 Great Apps to Help You Run Contests on your Wix Site

Offering rewards is a great way to inspire people and move them into action. We’re all frequently exposed to big contests by famous brands, without necessarily realizing that throwing a contest can also be done a smaller scale by a small business. People aren’t only attracted to big cash prizes, getting a great product or service for free is enough to pique people’s curiosity and fuel their competitive spirit. And for a small business, offering a reward is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, gain exposure and turn the company website more viral. 

Just like anything else, contests should be done with a few guidelines in mind:

1. Set a clear goal – think of your contest’s goals and objectives and see how it fits your overall marketing strategy. If your goal is to get more people to sign up to a mailing list, this fact will dictate the kind of competition you set up.

2. Make it fun – In today’s world, our attention span is short and we often make up our minds about a website pretty fast. Your goal is to capture your visitors’ attention as soon as they enter your site. Make them interested by creating catchy copy, using beautiful images and offering a great reward.

3. Keep it simple. Use a contest app from the Wix App Market for seamless integration with your website. This would also help you  create a contest, organize it and monitor it fairly quickly. Here are two apps you should consider:

Appforma Sweepstakes

Running a sweepstakes is a great way to help your site go viral, engage your visitors and generate leads. In general, sweepstakes have an appeal for site visitors since they’re very easy to join. As the site owner, it can generate you some quick leads, build up your email list and drive interested, returning traffic to your site.

The Appforma sweepstakes app provides a sleek and comfortable interface that helps you achieve all these things. You can add the app to your site and then adjust the location of it like any other element on your Wix site. The style of the app can be easily customized to match your site’s look & feel. The Appforma app enables your site to go viral; when users join the sweepstakes through a one click registration, their Facebook friends are notified. As people join, all the participants’ data for leads generation is saved and delivered through analytics that show you demographics like age, gender and more.

Social Poll Contest

Polls are very good for capturing a quick feedback from your site visitors and community members. People love to answer questions, especially about their personal preferances. And when you add an image to the poll, you are sure to captures the user’s attention from the get go. You can get visitors interested by presenting questions on topics related to your industry, or even about products you sell on your site. It’s a great way to expose your products to your visitors or just make them interested and increase the chances that they return.

Appforma’s Social Poll Contest makes it possible set a poll on your Wix site in a few simple steps. Images can attract the user’s eye quickly, and this app has a very clear advantage – it lets you upload two photos and place them side by side. Our advice: use something pretty and/or provocative with this poll app to get the most viral effect.

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