5 Fun Activities to Survive a Slow Day in the Office

The minutes are crawling, the Doritos bag is empty, and you just realized you’ve been staring at the screen for fifteen minutes. It’s just one of those slow days in the office when the clock refuses to move.

You can try and fight it, force yourself into another mundane task, but the truth is that on days like these you won’t be able to meet your usual standards. The smarter move would be to accept the fact that even model employees have slow days , and give your mind the creative break it deserves.

Here are a few ideas to turn a slow day into an office playground:

Plan an Office Prank

Real office pranks are rarely a matter of spontaneity. They require careful planning and sometimes a great deal of time. Start by choosing a ‘victim’, ideally, someone you’re on good terms with.

Now, you can go for the quick and dirty pranks, like placing all their office utensils in jello (stapler, address book, telephone, mouse + mouse pad), or switching all the letters on their keyboard. You’ll just need to come in a bit earlier tomorrow morning. But if you want to go for something unforgettable – like filling up their entire office space with Cheetos, or hiring an actor/actress to play a menacing new client – it may require the cooperation of your colleagues and a bit more planning time. It will be worth it though.


There are different exercise drills you can do in your office environment. No worries, we don’t mean for you to embarrass yourself in the middle of an open space. There are many secret sporty tricks that no one will be able to notice.

For aerobic activity you could start going up and down the stairs. If you don’t want to raise any suspicion, you can take a bunch of papers with you and pretend to be looking at them. For intense muscle workouts, sit in your chair and squeeze your tummy, your buttocks or your thighs. You can even do this in a boring meeting – not a minute goes to waste!

Choose an Unknown Location for Lunch

One of the best methods to break the mundane office routine is to do something different. You must have your usual spots for lunch breaks, right? A slow day is the perfect opportunity to try out something new and unusual.

Even the mere search for a new place will boost your lazy day. There’s nothing more fun to do at work than to consider food options, and your colleagues will be happy to join in on this adventure.

Do a Version of an Online Trend

Surely there’s some kind of hot fad on the web right now that you might enjoy tapping into. Maybe a good old-fashioned Face-Swap? Or a Cosplay Fail? Better yet, maybe there’s a video trend you and your colleagues can work on together. Back when Harlem Shake was hot, the Wix Studio Team joined hands and jumped in. We present you with Exhibit A:

DIY Office Decorations

Maybe what you need to lighten things up is a more inspiring office space. A trip to IKEA would take care of all your needs, no doubt, but making your own decorations is so much more fun! And so much more useful when you’re trying to procrastinate.

Pinterest is a never-ending source for guides and ideas for cool things you can do to upgrade your office environment. Here are a few that we can’t wait to try:

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