What’s Your Work Personality?

A great business model, a visionary product, skilled and experienced professionals – all of these are absolutely necessary for running a successful business. But even if you have all of these important elements put together, your business will never reach its full potential if you don’t have a positive work environment.

The PAEI Management Model, developed by Dr. Ichak Adizes, has become a popular method for assisting people in examining their “work personality” and which role they play within a team. By getting to know themselves, people can improve their work productivity, better their communication with others in the workplace and maximize their positions as managers.

There are four different types of managers/workers according to the model:


This type is concerned with getting things done; less of a talker and more of a doer. A task-oriented person who places less importance on the details of how things will get done and more on completing the tasks themselves. They can overlook and bypass procedures if it will get them closer to crossing items off their to-do list.


This type of manager values rules and procedures over all else. They want to maintain a system of doing things and do not appreciate ambiguity or spontaneity. They are the ones who are least flexible when new projects come in, especially the ones that cause for change in the current “way we do things”.


This type is the dreamer, the visionary, the person who leaves the details behind for the little people. They have no problems with rapid changes and keep their eyes on trends often finding inspiration between the lines and come up with new ideas every day. People love to be around them but translating their dreams into actions can prove challenging to anyone who can’t keep up.


This type focuses on the unity of the team. Striving for harmony between the players and doing whatever it takes to make sure that conflict is resolved quickly and that the group can function as an organic whole. Integrators spend their time motivating people to work on shared interests and goals while all of the other managerial styles focus much less on the team and its relationships and more on their own agendas.

Combining Styles Effectively

As adults we are all capable of functioning in each of these roles. In most cases, one style is more dominant than the others, with the second role being easily played into while the third and fourth are present but to a lesser extent. All of the styles are equally vital for an organization to succeed, and recognizing and respecting the varying styles of your co-workers helps form a more cohesive group that functions well in its respective roles.

We can all potentially learn and adopt positive elements of the other roles, and most importantly, know that the best teams need a balance of each of the roles in order to grow and prosper. If you and your colleagues are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you can work together more productively.

Which One Are You?

To discover which your PAEI Managerial type you can take the 20-30 minute PAEI quiz. After you learn the results, try to think of how they actually translate into your working routine. This will help you discover your stronger points as well as your vulnerabilities, and can inspire you to explore new habits that will eventually lead to a more prosperous work environment.

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