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How to Prepare Your Facebook Profile for the Job Hunt

It’s true that Facebook is about sharing who you are, but if you care about what potential employers may think about you, please exercise common sense when you post. Half of all Facebook users have private profiles, but that leaves millions of open profiles that tell a lot about their owner’s personalities and whether they are hirable.

Believe it or not, many job applicants are eliminated based on their Facebook profiles alone and never even reach the interview stage. This doesn’t mean having a Facebook account isn’t beneficial. In fact, people who engage a lot on Facebook are more likely to find employment than people who don’t.

Most employers like seeing that you are active on social media since it is a standard means of communication and networking. They won’t necessarily take off points for party pics. Still, there are some texts and photos that you would not wish to share with future colleagues and bosses.

How to Prepare Your Facebook Profile for the Job Hunt

We all have embarrassing party pics, but you should probably hide the ones from spring break…

What to Protect

Before you panic and set up your entire profile as private, keep in mind that having an open Facebook profile may actually help you land that dream position. Employers often receive from coworkers recommendations for future employees in the form of a Facebook link. So blocking all strangers from your page may not be the best idea.

If there are certain photo albums you don’t want seen, go to Facebook’s extensive privacy settings and make sure that only certain people can access these photos. You can also untag your name from photos that are less flattering or reflect that you are unprofessional. Keep in mind that many apps on your Facebook page have separate privacy settings than the page itself.

A good exercise would be to view other people’s profile through the eyes of a potential boss. What do you find appropriate and what seems totally unfitting? This will give you an idea of where to use customized privacy settings. If you have any concerns, ask your friends to go over your own Facebook page and give you their opinion.

How to Prepare Your Facebook Profile for the Job Hunt

Go over your privacy settings and alter them accordingly

To Post Or Not to Post?

Employers steer clear of complainers. Someone who publicly complains about current employers may alienate future ones. If your entire profile looks like a rant about life, you’re going to make a negative impression.

If you really want to make your Facebook page attractive to employers, try engaging with users and posts that are connected to your field of work. When you post content that is related to your field, make sure you use the type of lingo that can be relevant. You can display savviness and familiarity by sharing content that was published by authority figures in your profession.

Consistency and stability are two key traits that job seekers should reflect in their profiles. You’ll want to be consistent in posting content to show that you are loyal and reliable when you take something on. Don’t advertise instability, frequent job changes or too many conflicting interests in your profile.

And most importantly, don’t try to become someone you’re not. Be authentic and stay true to yourself. Finding a job is important, we know, but you wouldn’t want to be working in an environment where you can’t be yourself.

How to Prepare Your Facebook Profile for the Job Hunt

Avoid trashing your former colleagues, no one wants to hire a bitter employee

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