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Wix Updates \ JUN 6th 2013

Building an eCommerce Website? Check Out the Newest Features

Selling online is becoming easier and easier with the latest releases to the Wix eCommerce platform. Whether you are just now preparing to build an online store or you already have one set up with Wix, these updates mean good news for you and your business.

Over the past few months we added many upgrades to the Wix eCommerce platform and we also created new online store templates. Here are the most exciting new features that can help you boost sales and increase profits:

Facebook Shops

Wix teamed up with Easy Social Shop, a platform that helps you setup a Facebook shop in no time. Activating this feature on your eCommerce website will automatically create a Facebook shop based on your existing one on Wix.

Selling your products simultaneously on Facebook and on your own website is a sure method to increase revenue, reach out to bigger audiences and engage with more potential clients.

This new Facebook Shop feature is the ideal solution for everyone with a Wix online shop, because you don’t have to work twice on creating your stores. These shops are easy to manage and customize and are designed especially to boost sales.

 Latest & Greatest eCommerce Features for Your Online Shop

Discount Coupons

Coupons are a great way to attract people to your online shop. Now you can create coupons and distribute them as an incentive or as a prize. The coupons can be set to show a discount in percentages or in USD, and you have the option to activate them for specific dates.

After you create a coupon, you can give the code to an exclusive list of clients, add them to an email for each new subscriber you get or even print them on ads.

Latest & Greatest eCommerce Features for Your Online Shop

Shipping Costs

Selling worldwide? No problem. You can easily create fixed shipping costs per destination that will be added to the tab. Group together countries in the same region to apply the same shipping costs in what we call “Shipping Rule”. You can create multiple shipping rules to serve each and every region you work with.

Latest & Greatest eCommerce Features for Your Online Shop

Social Sharing Buttons

What could be better than making a sale? Making the sale and getting the client to share it on Facebook. Now you can add social sharing buttons to each product page and allow your site visitors to share all their favorite products with their friends.

The benefit for you as an online store owner is not only the increased exposure. These shares are actually honest recommendations coming from friends and familiar faces. People are much more likely to be interested in a product they came across through a friend. So let them share!

Latest & Greatest eCommerce Features for Your Online Shop

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