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Web Design \ JUN 17th 2013

5 Common Mistakes in Website Building

Fact: Anyone can build a website. Wix has made that into a reality. Even if you have no professional experience with web design or coding, you can still log into Wix and create your own website with ease.

Still, if you approach website building for the first time, you should consider a few guidelines that newbies are not always aware of. Don’t worry about it, no one is born with this knowledge. Wix is here to provide you with tips and tricks for your first website.

Let’s start with common mistakes you probably want to avoid:

5 Common Mistakes in Website Building

Annoying Navigation

This mistake happens when visitors come to your site and don’t know where or how to find the information they need. Links are hard to find, buttons are not visible or they’re placed in the wrong spot.

There needs to be logic, intuition and a lot of common sense in how you organize your site’s navigation. You want your users to be able to find what they need in as few clicks as possible. Keep header, footer and navigation bar consistent on each page. Make sure your visitors can easily access all the pages.

5 Common Mistakes in Website Building

Don’t scatter buttons all over the page. Keep the navigation clear

Too Much Clutter on the Homepage

The homepage is the first thing your visitors see on your website. You want to use this opportunity to create a killer impression on them and guarantee they continue to browse it. If your homepage looks looks packed and flashy like an 80’s teen magazine, your visitors might feel tempted to just walk away.

Less is really more in websites today. You can actually offer tons of great content on your site but display it in as simple and organized way as you possible. Don’t use too much text, and if you want to use multiple images, go for a sliding gallery that depicts just one photo at a time.

5 Common Mistakes in Website Building

Too much information – this can happen on your homepage if you’re not careful!

No Call to Action

A “Call to Action” is a request from your site visitors to act, usually represented by buttons and links. Your site’s Call to Action depends on its purpose. Do you want people to buy/ download/ register/ subscribe/ view/ share/ follow or what not? Use a Call to Action to make it crystal clear.

While humor and wit are generally a good thing in online content, with the Call to Action you want to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. Remember, the goal here is to get them to take action!

5 Common Mistakes in Website Building

This is how it’s done! Call to Action is rocking the page

Out-of-Date Content

Don’t give the impression that you tossed up a site and left it there. Show the world that you are open for business and active! People want to know that if they contact you through the site, you’ll actually answer them and give them immediate attention. They won’t bother to get in touch if your site seems abandoned.

Updating your website affects how you rank in search engines. The more recent your content is, the more often is gets indexed by Google. At the very least, even if your website serves only as an online business card, make sure you update the copyright date at the bottom of your page.

5 Common Mistakes in Website Building

Latest news from 2011? Seems like you need some fresh content

Going Live Without Testing

True, Wix gives you the power to build your website all on your own, but you still want to check yourself for spelling mistakes, broken links, alignment issues and other small things that are so easy to overlook. Go over the entire website by yourself, but also get another pair of eyes to browse through it and give you remarks.

It’s not only a question of typos. An observer who is not familiar with the website will give you a fresh perspective and may offer valuable suggestions for the layout. It’s time your friends make themselves useful, no?

5 Common Mistakes in Website Building

The little things matter! Get another set of eyes to view your site before you launch

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