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Create an Effective Newsletter to Build Customer Relationships

Email newsletters are a powerful tool for keeping your audience engaged with your website. With the flood of information on the web, it’s hard for most people to keep track of websites they like, but an email reminder now and then increases the chance for repeated visits and intensifies the relationship between your brand and your site visitors.

On the Wix App Market, you can find several apps that will help you set up a simple and effective mailing list. These apps allow website visitors to actively register for your newsletter. That way you know that the people receiving it are really interested in the news and updates that you share. To try them out, go over to the App Market and search for V.I.Plus, Target Hero, MPZMail, Alicanto or Cake Mail.

But setting up a subscription widget on your site is not the only step in creating and maintaining a successful newsletter. Have a look at these tips as you come up with a killer newsletter strategy:

Start Out Small and Powerful

Successful newsletters don’t require 12 pages of in-depth reporting. What they do need (at least in the beginning) is 3 or 4 short pieces of valuable information with room to grow from there.

Play on your audience’s need to know. Announce an event, offer entry into a contest, discount on a product or service, share news about new products or features. Whatever you do, make sure your news is specific and has a substantial enough affect on your readers so that they will click and participate. For example, readers are more likely to click on “5 Food You Shouldn’t Be Giving Your Baby” than on “The History of Baby Food”. You need to spark their interest with something that is relevant to them.

call to action

Create powerful call to actions that make people click

Call to Action

When you write the content for each email round you need to have a clear order of the “call to actions” in mind. Basically, you need to write the content in a way that will encourage the readers to act. The email’s subject line should encourage them to click and open the email. Once they’re in, your goal may be to get them to revisit your website, so your call to action should direct them to that. Or you may want them to join a live event that you are organizing, in which case the call to action will lead them to RSVP or to purchase tickets.

A good call to action is clear, concise and enticing. You need to give readers a feeling that by following your call to action they are gaining something valuable. Here’s more info on how to create a good call to action.

Know Your Target Audience

You need to know what attracts the people you’re trying to reach. If the content of your newsletter does not appeal to their taste and interests, they simply will not read it. This will involve a bit of trial and error in the beginning, but in time you will know what works for them and what goes straight to trash.

Knowing your target audience well will allow you to generate original content that is entertaining/ informative/ educating or inspiring. You need to stay up-to-date with the type of news that is relevant to your audience. That way, when they read your newsletter they immediately see that you know what you’re saying.

Newsletter calendar
Set up a regular newsletter schedule

Keep It Regular

Send out newsletters at regular intervals. This conveys a message to your customers that you are active as well as reliable. The frequency of your emails depends very much on how much information you have to share or how much time you can spare to prepare the newsletter. It’s highly important that you don’t flood your subscribers with too many emails (more than once a week is considered too much). That will only annoy them and they’ll open your emails just to look for the unsubscribe button.

Also, if you can’t think of anything valuable to write in your newsletter, it’s probably best to wait until you do have something worthwhile to share. However, coming up with topics for a newsletter should not be difficult task. In your daily work routine, try to see how you could turn ordinary issues into an interesting piece of content.

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