Social Media \ MAY 14th 2013

10 Brands You Should Follow on Instagram

You know you can always find them on Facebook, and if you’re a real addict you’ll follow them on Twitter too – but did you know that brands are making their way on Instagram as well? The wide success of this social photo-sharing app attracts not only individuals, but also companies and organizations.

Brands use Instagram to communicate with fans in a visual way. But if they were just posting pics of their latest products or the ads that can be seen elsewhere anyway it wouldn’t be much fun. Smart brands use Instagram to give their followers an “insider’s look” into what they do, creating the feeling that their account provides real added value to those who view it.

Some brands do it better than others, of course. Here are 10 brands that are doing amazing work at maintaining a fun, interesting or beautiful Instagram account. And as you follow them, be sure you follow Wix too (because our Instagram pics are earth-shattering stuff).


Boston Celtics>>








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