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Trends \ MAR 14th 2013

Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

If you belong to the group of people that relied on Google Reader for their daily dosage of reading, you were probably very upset to hear the news about the Reader’s upcoming demise on July 1st.

Upset may be an understatement. Some fans are taking it so far as organizing protests against Google’s decision. It’s understandable. No one likes to say goodbye to a beloved tech tool. Luckily, the internet has many great Google Reader alternatives to offer.

Fans of RSS, you shall not remain orphaned! Here are some of the finest options you should check out.

1.  Feedly

Feedly seems to be the most proper heir to the Google Reader throne. It’s a cross-platform, cloud-based reader that generates a hyper-personalized content feed. It starts with a Chrome extension and connects with all of your mobile devices to guarantee a constant flow of information.

The Feedly team has been preparing for the Google Reader shut down for a while now and created a great solution for the new situation. If you join before July 1st, all of your Google Reader subscriptions will be smoothly transitioned to Feedly and you won’t notice a thing.

Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

Feedly >>


2. Newsblur

Another tool that can be a great Google Reader alternative is NewsBlur. Old school geeks will be fond of the low-tech like interface. It does exactly what a reader is meant to do – gather your subscriptions and combine them into a unified feed that you can easily skim through.

But NewsBlur is a reader with soul. It gets to know the user personally with the “Training” feature, which allows you to give feedback about each specific item. If you enjoyed reading it, NewsBlur will pump more similar items to your feed. If you hated it, NewsBlur will keep them away.

Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

Newsblur >>


3. Mobile Apps

Let’s face it. One of the reasons Google Reader can’t stick around is that online content has changed dramatically since smart mobile devices joined the game. More and more people prefer reading on the go, especially now with tablets offering gorgeous interfaces with great readability.

There are many great mobile apps for content feeds out there, and it eventually comes down to personal taste. We suggest you start by checking out Flipboard, Pocket and Reeder – all very popular apps and for a good reason.

Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

pocket >>


4. Scoop.it

Online curatorship is a growing trend, much owing to Pinterest’s ongoing success. Scoop.it works very much like Pinterest, only with textual content. Users from all over the world join this network and create their own “Scoop” lists according to their interests. It’s like an online scrapbook of articles you really like.

Scoop.it allows you to follow certain users or just one of their Scoop feeds. You can easily engage with the people behind the Scoops, or become a Scooper yourself by opening your own account and curating the content you consume.

Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

Scoop.it >>


5. Facebook & Twitter

Where is all the latest and most updated content circulating if not on the large social networks? And why approach other platforms if you can get this content on the ones you already visit regularly? Almost every blog, news group and content sharing site use Facebook and Twitter to post their latest items. Following their channels is the easiest way to stay updated.

If you’re concerned about mixing your info feed with your social feed, both Twitter and Facebook offer ways to tackle this issue (and Facebook’s new feed is going to be a further improvement). On Facebook, you can use the Subscribe option and on Twitter you can set up Lists categorized neatly to fit your topics of interest.

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